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Aug 2017

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13 Aug 2017 Bachelor of Music Staff Release New Album

Tripataka is releasing the band’s debut album, “Yakiya”. Recorded on the Tall Poppies label, the album captures a blend of original compositions that capture the endless inspiration the band members derive from the music of North and South India, Bali, Brazil, Cuba and many other musics from around the world. Trained in these intercultural forms as well as jazz and European classical music, the breadth of the band members’ combined experience and instrumental resources far surpasses that of a typical contemporary jazz trio.

Tripataka was formed in 2013, and consists of three lecturers in the Bachelor of Music at Melbourne Polytechnic:

  • Adrian Sherriff - bass trombone, percussion, voice
  • Jonathan Dimond – electric bass guitars, percussion, voice
  • Adam King – drums, voice

"There may be only three musicians on this recording, but their combined sound is as powerful and expressive as a great big band. Polymetric drum grooves full of deep funky soul; electric bass lines that float like butterflies and sting like bees; trombone melodies singing, soaring, and diving — Tripataka’s ensemble sound is astringent, tough, and uncompromising — yet the loose authenticity of folk tradition saturates even the most complex pieces. Composition and improvisation interweave seamlessly, and the total effect is exhilarating — watch the movie inside your head while you listen, because the cinematography is terrific.”
Warren Senders, Boston, USA, 2017.

Visit for more on the band and their music.

When: Sunday August 13, 8pm
Location: 27 Leslie St, Brunswick
20 Aug 2017 Melbourne Polytechnic Open Day
Melbourne Polytechnic Open Day

With a history spanning over 100 years, we have helped over a million students just like you master their craft from Certificates to Masters Degrees. Come to our Melbourne Polytechnic Open Day and discover how we can help you graduate with work ready qualification. Melbourne Polytechnic is your learning and career partner.

Melbourne Polytechnic Open Day 2017

Sunday 20 August 2017
Melbourne Polytechnic Preston Campus
77 St Georges Road, Preston VIC 3072
10am to 3pm

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Location: Preston Campus