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Writing and Editing


Courses within the Professional Writing and Editing area are offered at Certificate IV level, with the option for students to continue into the Diploma qualification.


To complete the Diploma by studying full time it takes 2 years. There is also the option to study part time. The Certificate IV takes 1 year to complete full time and all Writing and Editing subjects are run at the Prahran campus.

What you study and experience:

The Certificate IV is designed to develop writing, editing and print production skills for emerging writers and editors, with a range of specialities to choose from and an opportunity for practical placement within the industry. The Diploma further refines these skills, with a focus on writing and editing as an industry. Students also have the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge in the areas of desktop publishing, managing projects and small press publishing.

Areas of specialisation that students can pursue include journalism, non-fiction, publishing, screenwriting, writing for children and feature writing.




Careers & pathways to further study:

Further study options are available within Melbourne Polytechnic and at university level. Possible career paths after graduation include professional writing, editing, design and other positions within the publishing industry, both in print and online.

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