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Unleash your creativity with a degree in Songwriting and Music Production

20 Sep 2017

Our teachers have decades of industry experience - you'll learn everything you need to know about Songwriting and Music Production with this degree.

The Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production at Fairfield emphasises original music composition over a three-year degree without the need for music theory. It is a music artist's degree. Our teachers are established, successful musicians who are now sharing their knowledge and experience with the next generation. The course teaches a DIY ethos that encourages you to set goals and think imaginatively, independently and practically while retaining your creative authenticity.

Industry Connections

You’ll be guided on how to make industry connections within the music scenes, with subjects covering intuitive recording methods, starting a record label and filming video clips, as well as how to operate independently. This self-sufficiency prepares you with an entrepreneurial approach to music that does not compromise your art.

Creativity together with Technical Skills

The course explores the distinction between creativity and technical skill. While it recognises the importance of technical skill, it also recognises that musical excellence does not necessarily rely on technical expertise. The bachelor of song-writing and music production encourages you to be inventive and imaginative in your music composition while possessing an understanding of your future audience. The course instils a professional and realistic understanding of the music industry without compromising the integrity of your art. The business aspect of the course assists you in working towards making a living from music without pushing you into a linear pathway or an insular understanding of the industry.

Evolution of Contemporary Music

The course also includes aspects of a fine-arts education, with an emphasis on peer review, cultural theory and contemporary music histories. This helps you understand the evolution of contemporary music, and provides you with the knowledge to engage with music from a place of understanding. With our Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production, you’ll get hands-on experience and work alongside music industry professionals. VTAC applications are now open.   Image: Kaley Dykstra