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Saturday Salon - Hairdressing at Melbourne Polytechnic

08 Sep 2015


Melbourne Polytechnic's Social Media Officer decided to see what all the fuss was about at the very popular on-campus 'Saturday Salon'

I’m not going to lie to you – I’ve had some pretty wild experiences at student hair salons over the years. There was that one time, many moons ago, when I went in to get a trim and came out with a Mohawk. I vowed never to return. Walking around the Melbourne Polytechnic campus at Preston, you get to see some pretty stylish people. On enquiring about their new looks, they tell me that the students in the on-campus Salon hooked them up so curiosity got the better of me. What could go wrong? It’s just hair, it grows back? Maybe I am ready for a Mohawk now? I made an appointment at the ‘Saturday Salon’ and threw caution to the wind. Just a trim (uh-oh) and a colour; pastel pink to be exact. I had pulled Josie, the hairdressing teacher, aside and begged her to please make sure it was pastel – I really wanted to be more ‘flamingo’ than ‘peacock’. She winked and told me I had nothing to worry about.

Colour me flamingo

Arriving at the very busy salon, clients were having trims, colours and completely new looks altogether. It was exactly like any fully professional outfit you could imagine; chatting, laughter, music, coffee. I settled into a chair with a magazine and a coffee but before I even turned the first page, I was introduced to Kasey, my colourist, and was presented with swatches that she’d been working on; my colour, on paper, was PERFECT! Exactly what I wanted after spending months Googling 'rainbow hair'and 'mermaid hair'. But it was on paper, not hair, so I was still feeling pretty anxious at the final outcome. I gave the bottle she was waving around a side-eye, it scarily looked like the peacock that lives on our Fairfield campus. C’est la vie I thought. Peacocks are cool birds anyway.
One of my biggest concerns was having to bleach my hair, I’ve spent the last 18 months growing out the colour and here I was about to head back down ‘Follicle Damage Road’ but another surprise – no need to bleach! Because my hair is light anyway, the pink could go straight on over the top. The day was just getting better and better. The colour was crazy when it went on, the most vivid candy pink you could imagine. I sent my sister a text saying “YOLO” with a picture of my colour and she sent back all manner of emojis suggesting I’d lost my mind. Kasey continued to lather on the colour, completely confident in her abilities and she reassured me that all would be great. After developing time, it was off for a wash. I can’t tell you what happened next because Kasey’s head massaging skills sent me into a gentle slumber – pretty sure I was snoring.

Classic cutting

Next I was introduced to Weeam, or as I like to call her now, my ‘Scissor Sister’, and again not an ounce of trepidation or nerves – she was confident and skilled, snipping away at my damaged ends like there was no tomorrow. We chatted about family and friends, work and the salon like we were long lost friends, there is nothing worse than going to a salon and making awkward small talk, is there? All of the girls at the salon were seasoned professionals not only in their trade skills, but their customer relations as well (they’re are guys too, just not scheduled on for this particular day). Within what felt like minutes (time flies when you’re having fun) the cutting was done – Josie came over to check the handy work and gave Weeam the thumbs up of approval. They started to scrunch my hair into its curly natural state, but hold your horses ladies! When you have curly hair and get the opportunity to have it professionally straightened, you grab that opportunity and don’t let go. When it came time for my big mirror reveal, I was completely stunned! The perfect colour. The perfect cut. The perfect style. The perfect experience. All just over two hours of my Saturday afternoon – remember this was a wash, cut, colour and blow-dry, and all for the price of my combined weekly coffee allowance. Time and budget all hitting right on the mark.
I’ve been in duck-face selfie heaven ever since. My biggest decision now is whether to follow Kasey and Weeam off into their respective careers or continue to come to the salon to see what new recruits can do – maybe both! The Saturday Salon runs every second Saturday at Melbourne Polytechnic’s Preston campus. Appointments are essential and they book out fast! Contact ua.ud1558471319e.cin1558471319hcety1558471319lopen1558471319ruobl1558471319em@il1558471319lerap1558471319eisoj1558471319 to secure your fully adjustable salon seat. If you want to be on the other side of the chair, check out our courses here. saturday-salon7