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Nursing Experience Brought Rupa to Pathology Teaching

19 Apr 2018

Rupakshi 'Rupa' Nischal is a Registered Nurse. After many enjoyable years on the ward, she turned to her true calling of teaching Pathology.

Rupa has been teaching for over ten years and knows she has the formula to connect with students at any level. “I always aim to make class fun. I try different ways to engage students so that everyone is learning on an equal playing field, regardless of their learning style.”

Job-ready Qualities

Outside of the technical aspects of Pathology, Rupa also teaches her students customer service, problem-solving, and how to develop exceptional communication skills. These are qualities all required on the job whether you are dealing with patients or colleagues. Rupa says that everyone learns differently, and she describes her style as collaborative. “All students work at a different pace and learn in different ways – we ensure that every class is working as a team but at the same time making sure each individual student is achieving their goals.”

Students in the Pathology course spend time on placements in medical facilities, and Rupa says seeing them succeed in this environment is the best part of her role as a teacher. “It's especially rewarding to see students who believe that they are struggling. When they get out to the workplace and I receive feedback that they are professional and efficient, it’s just fantastic.”

Support at Every Stage

The technical precision of pathology collection can sometimes be daunting for new students. Rupa ensures that she's switched on to the vibe in the classroom. “Some students find it difficult to initially grasp the principles of pathology. Myself and my colleagues ensure we apply strategies to support everyone – whether it’s language literacy, numeracy support, or technical support, we want everyone to succeed. We will help them get there, whatever it takes. To see how someone has transitioned from having difficulty in class to how they settle in the workplace is incredibly rewarding."

Rupa believes that to be successful in industry, you need to understand best practice, have the right knowledge and skills, and definitely the right attitude. “I feel here at Melbourne Polytechnic, we teach students those employability skills. Working in a team requires accountability and communication skills and that’s what we teach. There's great support here for every student.”

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