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Top 6 Apps for Business

16 May 2017


There are hundreds of apps on the market today that make life a little easier for those in start-ups right through to big business. Here, our blogger Nat Rowe shares some of her favourite apps that keep her business running as smooth as silk.

Like a lot of people nowadays, Dropbox and Google Drive are used every day as common practice business applications. I thought I'd share with you a few of the other tools I use to help streamline and automate some of my activity.


I use the free basic tracking option to keep tabs on my hours.  Simple and easy to use, Toggl lets me add a description of the job I am working on. I press the play button and away it goes. If I stop a task I am able to press play on it again and it will create a new time entry for that job.

A handy tool when you are charging by the hour, or if you just want to know how long something takes for you to do.  As an artist, if you're working on a commission piece you might want to use it to start timing your jobs. It can help with working out your pricing structure and ensuring you’re quoting fairly, not just for your client but also for yourself.

It also sends me notification emails of the previous weeks hours logged providing ease for checking the work and hours when invoicing time comes.

Find Toggl here

HootSuite and KuKu

I’ve given both of these a spin over the years. These programs allow you to use one interface to post across multiple social media platforms at once. They are a great tool for scheduling marketing and promotional campaigns and analysing interaction.  I introduced a friend of mine a few years ago to HootSuite and recently she thanked me again for getting her onto it. It has made her life much easier and her valuable time isn’t being wasted logging in and managing accounts individually.

Both KuKu and HootSuite offer a free plan that allows the connection of 3 social media accounts. I suggest giving the free versions a play to find out which suits you and your working style best.

Find Hootsuite here and KuKu here


I recently trialed this app and it is certainly on my list for use in the future. It may suit you now. A great app designed to make sharing music easy between artists/labels/managers/etc.  DISCO provides a streamlined approach to keeping comments and updates on working tracks in one space rather than across multiple places.  It also allows the upload of PDF’s and other documents so release/promotional discussion can also be shared and kept along with the track in one easy to access location.

Find DISCO here


If you’re after some assistance with creating graphics for use on social media Canva is a tool for you. With a bunch of free templates – simply choose the platform and image style you are after, update the details and publish it.

Find Canva here

PowToon (

I stumbled upon this handy tool recently and had a quick play. I’ve got to say I was impressed. Having recently made an animation from scratch this handy online tool can do similar things in a much quicker timeframe. With a bunch of templates and images on offer, you can create your own animation instantly. As a free product, your video will have PowToon’s logo watermarked but this can be removed to upgrading to a paid account. Reasonable if this is something you might use often.

Find Powtoon here