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Micro-transactions: With Great Power – Comes with Great Responsibility

14 Mar 2018

In the gaming world, Micro-transactions is a growing business ideal which benefits the consumer of additional content to help with either progression or graphic aesthetics and overall purpose is to create a revenue source for the producers (pay a little bit of money for some digital customisation). I like to customise, or pay extra to keep playing with a micro-transaction, as long as the company doesn’t create it as the sole purpose for progression in the game and their only way of making a profit. If they do use this as the only way to progress, and if it continually interrupts the game play and you can’t progress because you need to buy a particular thing and you can’t continue in freeplay mode, it is one of the lowest acts a business could scheme to generate profits. The games should be shutdown effective immediately. RAWR! Okay, now to explain myself. I’m not fond of potentially investing time in a game to later find out that in order to get to the next section, I need to buy content to progress. That’s a no from me. Imagine playing one of Nintendo’s popular titles, Mario, but having no ground to walk on or be incapable of jumping. ON THE OTHER HAND! For the low price of $5.99 you can buy one of these fabulous features for the duration of one hour. This example is only an extreme example but hopefully gets my point across. Game makers should act with consideration to the players, and allow the player to finish their game without paying a cent, and customising is extra. In recent times, most free-to-play, hand-held device games have a life system where if a player loses all their lives, they have to wait a real-time number of hours (as opposed to game-time hours) to obtain a life to continue playing or pay some extra money to continue. You can also wait and continue that way. So the game is still achievable and if the consumer is impatient, the company can earn profit as they want their product now. An example of this would be Candy Crush. Micro-transactions are a useful way to increase profits, and offer increased options for players who ‘want’ to customise, but should not affect the player’s ‘need’ to progress in the game.