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Influencing Environment Through Building Design

19 Apr 2018

Michael Malina has been working in the Architectural Building Industry for over 20 years. He is proud to follow in the footsteps of his mentors and become a teacher.

Michael's early passion for architecture drew him to his 20-year career in Building Design. He has also been teaching at Melbourne Polytechnic since 2002. It wasn't until one of his former teachers touched base with him that he came to teaching. “I remember getting a phone call from my teacher Julio. He asked me if I wanted to teach a few hours a week. I thought it would be an inspiring way to give back to the industry after the years that I had worked.”

As a building designer, Michael says the ability to influence the way someone lives is of paramount importance. "Whether it's one person, a family, or a couple – a good design gives people the space to wake up and be inspired by their surroundings every day. For clients to be find comfort and creativity in their homes allows designers to find a real sense of satisfaction and achievement."

Essential Networking

Especially in the field of Architecture, Michael believes networking is absolutely essential. “Every now and again, I see students come back to study. Between a few teachers and myself, we've kept a good network of former students. We also keep in contact with most of the offices that they work in. They call us for students and graduates to come and continue, or to start up work.”

Michael describes his industry as inspiring, enthusiastic, and exciting. He believes students have so much more to work with in architecture now. “We have great materials to choose from, especially in Melbourne, and we have a really amazing focus on what good design is. We look at ecological and sustainability principles and that helps shape the way that someone can live. Students need to be passionate about what they want to do and when they are, there’s a real buzz.”

Relatable and Approachable

Staying current is important to Michael, so he's still a practicing building designer. “As a teacher, if you're not current, you start falling behind the eight ball. The more up-to-date I am, the more my students get the very best out of me.”

The absolute key to his classroom style is for students to be able to approach and relate to him as a teacher. “It's not students vs. teachers anymore," Michael says. "Teachers are more like facilitators or guiders. So, when a student trusts the teacher it becomes a very easy and enjoyable environment to teach in. My proudest moments are seeing students graduate.”

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