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11 Feb 2017


If you want to be part of the next generation of exceptional educators who are highly sought after in the workplace and you're looking for quality teaching programs to get you there, we have you covered.

Places for the 2017 year are available for the Bachelor of Education (Early Years) program. If you are considering a career change or have finished VCE and looking for a rewarding career, upgrading your qualification from diploma to degree or looking to study a Higher Education qualification part time, you may qualify for this degree. We have a limited number of Commonwealth Supported Places available to students enrolling in the full degree. Our Bachelor of Education (Early Years) consistently shows great results when it comes to transitioning into your early childhood education career. Graduates from the Melbourne Polytechnic Bachelor of Education (Early Years) degree close their books and bid farewell to their fellow classmates in October each year, all successfully completing their studies. Year on year we welcome the news that graduates have either secured employment in the education sector or have gone on to further specialised study in the area. One of our past students Samantha Nicolou was placed in her education role off the back of Melbourne Polytechnics excellent reputation and the preparatory work like the course information and the assignments that the teachers give their students “All information, course material and learning is structured around the workplace, so that when it comes time for a job interview we are confident and prepared for the interview. My placement school was so impressed by the skills that I brought with me from Melbourne Polytechnic that I know work there full time. Previous to me doing my placement, my school didn’t really take students on for work experience but now they only take placement students from Polytechnic students”. As well as the theoretical component in the degree, there is also an embedded practical component of 120 days placement in child care, kindergarten and primary school. Students in the program also experience internal placement sessions in the on-campus facility as well as attend field day visits to gain critical industry experience. You can find out more about the Bachelor of Education (Early Years) here or call us in 03 9269 8400   Pic: Tina Floersch