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Documenting stories 'Under One Sky'

25 Oct 2017

Documenting stories of new friends through thoughtful word and stunning imagery ‘Under One Sky’, a collaborative student project.
All students and staff from the 'Under One Sky' project
‘Under One Sky’ exhibition and book launch opened this week; a collaborative project between the School of Foundation and Preparatory Studies and the School of Creative Arts, students from the English as Additional Language program (EAL), Diploma of Photography and Photo imaging  and the Diploma of Writing and Editing.
The 57 students came together over three sessions at our Prahran campus to share their stories of their journey to a new life in Australia, culminating in a beautiful book that contains over 30 gripping and heartfelt stories and photographs. Ali worked as a photographer and videographer in his native country before he and his family fled to Australia by boat for some “peace and quiet”. The journey to our shores was incredibly difficult and dangerous, but Ali needed to bring his family over so they could have a “good life”. Ali and his family were on Christmas Island for two months before they were able to settle in mainland Australia. “I have to be a good human, that’s all.” Running from war-torn Iraq in 2011, Syrian-born Haytham and his family of five ended up in Turkey for two years, just learning the language before it was time for them to move again, this time for good. Even though he misses his home, Haytham and his family have created a life in Australia. His children study and thrive in Melbourne, and it is here their future lies. For the students, this has been an invaluable opportunity for EAL  students to practice English and learn more about other course offerings and careers in Australia.
The Writing and Publishing, and Photography students have been able to engage in this project, which has extended the practice of their craft as connected to unit outcomes. As well as giving the students hands on experience in their disciplines, the ‘Under One Sky’ project has also broadened the cultural experience and understanding across all groups involved.  The stunning ‘Under One Sky’ book of written stories and photographs also had the cover illustrated by an Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development student and book design brought to life by an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design student. The print exhibition opened on Tuesday, curated by Photography students and staff in the St John Street Gallery Prahran Campus and all participants, family, friends, staff and the broader community came together to celebrate this fantastic student project. Under One Sky publication will be available at our campus library for viewing in December 2017.
Phuong - Photo by Jackie Winkelman
Anan - Photo by Rhett Wyman
Haytham - Photo by Paul Atkinson
Judy - Photo by Alisa Srinarat
Manos - Photo by Peter Singer
Kawther - Photo by Paul Atkinson