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5 Key Qualities to become a Stand-Out Real Estate Agent

04 Jun 2017


If you are looking for a rewarding career that is built on strong work ethic and commitment to client service, we've whittled down some of the qualities that make a great real estate agent.

On some levels you are walking side by side with people into the next chapter of their lives and not many careers offer that opportunity. Do you have what it takes to join this industry? Here are 5 skills that will help you be a Top Gun in Real Estate.


People skills

Confident, calm, and strong – qualities that your client is going to want to see. You’ll be selling property for the sellers and seeking property for the buyers and you need to be able to adapt to all personalities across the client spectrum of the housing market.

In many cases, you are about to significantly change people’s lives and their stress levels will be up to eyebrow level. They’ll look to you to be the calming, yet stealthy factor in the chaos. You need to be able to relate and connect with your clients. Friendly and professional is key.


Negotiation tactics

Who is in the middle of the seller wanting the highest price and the buyer wanting a bargain? You are. This is where you will need to exercise your negotiation skills to make everyone walk away happy, including yourself.

With your Authority signed you will act in the best interests of your vendor client. However, the purchaser must be dealt with according to the Australian Consumer Law. You’ll need to be decisive and accountable in this everyday context. Learn how to negotiate the terms of contract of sale using effective communication strategies. Soon you will be on your way to win-win results.

Across the law

Legislation across the real estate sector is extensive. Estate Agents Act 1980, Residential Tenancies Act 1997, Retail Leases Act 2003, Sale of Land Act 1962, VCAT Act 1998 – and that’s just for Victoria!

The Real Estate Institute of Australia has a go list of guidelines and information sheets that provide an understanding of legislation relating to Real Estate. Whether you plan on staying in Melbourne or taking your newfound career interstate or overseas, it’s important to know the legislation that is applicable to your state, territory or country.



‘Passed in!’ not the words anyone wants to hear at an auction. Negotiating contracts, property viewings, client meetings, site meetings – from the first informal chat through to the smack of the gavel could take months and not every sale will be smooth sailing. Find your Zen and move forward – all good things come to those who work hard and keep their calm eye on the ball.



Monday to Friday, nine to five? Sure! But don’t forget that many of the grit work for real estate agents  is out of standard hours – evenings and weekends are all par for the course. You don't see too many house auctions on a weekday, right?

Many people who are purchasing property need to rely on your flexibility in guiding them through the property market - you need to fit around your client’s schedule.


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