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Then and Now - 1960s


Collingwood Technical School’s Boat Club made model boats, including galleons and Viking longships. The club also enjoyed a demonstration of radio controlled diesel-powered model launches and a talk on ships of World War II.

In 2012 the Student Activity Department hosts a barbeque lunch and trivia event “Are you smarter than a TAFE teacher?” Forty students participate with the teachers’ team being defeated by the students. The event raises $300 for the Smith Family.

1963: The Collingwood Technical School Science Club had 60 members. Students Harry Korbl and Ian Humphreys

performed what they thought was going to be a simple experiment – to produce a piece of chromium using the Thermit process. They tried week after week until finally a piece of chrome was produced – a whole gram of it. The general opinion was that Harry and Ian would succeed, but not as makers of chrome. In 2012 students from Bachelor of Business at Preston campus form the Fundraising Club. The club offers members the chance to get together and socialise, coordinate charity fundraising activities, form study groups and help students integrate into campus life.

The Written Word

1964: The annual Singleton essay competition, conducted by the Singleton Dispensary and Welfare Centre, was won by Ian Murphy of Collingwood Technical School who was awarded ten guineas. In 2012 NMIT launches its inaugural “Time to Write” short story competition as part of the institution’s centenary festivities. The winner will be published both in print and as eBook anthology by NMIT’s imprint Yarra Bend Press.

Courses for Horses

In 1965 Preston Technical College offered diploma courses in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Commerce and Art. In 2012 NMIT offers 14 bachelor degree programs including Equine Studies, Information Technology, and Viticulture and Winemaking.

From Asia to the World

In the mid-60s Preston Technical College hosted about 25 students a year from Asian countries such as Malaysia, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia. In 2012 NMIT has over 1200 International students from all around the world studying at its Victorian campuses and another 24,000 offshore enrolments in 25 partner institutions across Asia.