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Melbourne music scene rises into 2021

Music student leaning against a dark wall and posing with red electric guitar in arms.

Melbourne has always been a stalwart for the Australian music industry, renowned for our talent and vibrant live music landscape. 2020 has been difficult, but if there is a resilient industry that rises phoenix-like from any crisis – it’s music.

Pre-2020, Melbourne’s music industry generated over $1 billion dollars to the economy and had over 60,000 annual performances*. This shows just how important music is to our lives and our community. 

Committing yourself to your passion of music has never been more important, not only for you but for our fair city as well. 

*City of Melbourne Music Plan 2018-2021

Music-based degrees

Excellence is the surest pathway to finding gainful employment in the music industry, and at degree level you’re setting yourself up for success.

At Melbourne Polytechnic, we offer two Music degrees: the Bachelor of Music and the Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production.

Come to an information session about a music degree

Information sessions give you the opportunity to ask questions about your music degree to lecturers who teach the program.

Bachelor of Music

Are you a performer-composer? If you want to master your instrument while developing your writing and understanding of music, you’ll be right at home in the Bachelor of Music degree. As well as performance skills, you’ll learn music theory, aural skills, composition, technology and self-management. You’ll learn how to work effectively in a band and how to arrange music.

Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production

If you’re a singer-songwriter, an emerging music artist, or interested in contemporary styles like electronic music or hip hop, this music degree Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production is centred around your creativity and helps you to bring your music to the marketplace. You’ll learn songwriting, production and recording skills, as well as self-management. By the time you have completed this music degree, you will have released an EP and an album.

Whichever degree you choose, doing a Music degree at Melbourne Polytechnic is different to studying Music at a traditional uni. 

Creative freedom

At Melbourne Polytechnic you’re encouraged to explore and develop your own musical style instead of following a particular genre or repertoire. You are in control. You have creative freedom in an inclusive environment.

Of course, we’ll help you develop your musicianship by exploring and performing in diverse musical styles. The more breadth and depth in your musical education, the more you develop as a musician.

Music is a practice

We never forget that music is a practice - and you know what they say, practice makes perfect! This applies to songwriting and production as well as instrumental technique. We blend theory with practical musicianship skills. By developing your theoretical knowledge alongside the practical side, you’ll become a confident, intuitive and multidisciplinary musician.

Skills for a changing music scene

The music scene is ever-changing. As a contemporary musician, you need to have a solid musical foundation as well as the critical-thinking and hands-on skills you need to self-produce and market your own music. That’s why we set you up with skills in music technology and business as well as composition, arrangement, improvisation and performance.

“The positive aspect of the rapid and dramatic changes in the music industry over the past three decades is the opportunity for the budding musician to learn from a global village of artists, and to afford the means for realization and distribution of their creative artifacts with minimal cost and almost instant spontaneity. The artist that can represent the “human factor” stands the best chance of being recognized for their skill and uniqueness,” said Dr. Jonathan Dimond, the Head of Program for the Bachelor of Music.

Get ready for the music biz by learning from industry professionals

Our lecturers are current creative practitioners in the contemporary music scene – music artists, songwriters, producers, video directors, journalists and label managers. They prove that a career in music goes hand-in-hand with critical thinking and creativity.

“A music artist often finds themselves as an ‘accidental entrepreneur’. Our degrees reduce that element of chance from this description. We equip you with skills to enable a sustainable career in music. With diversification of income streams and knowledge of copyright and online distribution, global reach is not only possible but profitable,” says Andy White, the Head of Program of the Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production.

Study in the music capital of Australia

Melbourne is the music capital of Australia. With artists like Courtney Barnett, Nick Cave and Vance Joy hailing from Melbourne, this city is a globally respected music hub. Our music campus is in a fantastic location too. There are hundreds of venues, studios, performance spaces, and all kinds of music-oriented businesses within easy reach.

Take a bow as a professional musician

Many of our graduates have gone on to be successful musicians.

Shannen James, a Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production graduate, recently performed her latest single 'Arrows' on ABC's prestigious music show The Sound.

Bachelor of Music graduate, Domini Forster, is a vocalist and songwriter who has toured, collaborated and created string arrangements for Australian musical artist, Lior.

“I can confidently say that Domini has left the strongest imprint on audiences of any opening act I have worked with over the last decade,” said Lior.

Explore your musical career at an information session

Information sessions give you the opportunity to ask as many questions about your degree as you like from lecturers who teach the program. Sessions are free and no-obligation. We want to arm you with as much information as possible as we know that taking the step into education is a big decision.

Book an information session for your chance to have a chat with our lecturers and explore how a degree with Melbourne Polytechnic helps you become a successful musician.