Personalised for LOCAL students.
Local student means; you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen or a permanent humanitarian visa holder.
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International student means; you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen or a permanent humanitarian visa holder.

OQP Testimonials

Mehdi Edalatnia - Civil Engineer

Joined OQP in October 2019

I was lucky to discover OQP Victoria which helped me to enter the Australian construction industry. OQP Victoria taught me job search techniques, how find links to local employers, interview skills and tips, career counselling and resume writing. The course gave me a chance to undertake a work placement with one of the best infrastructure projects in Australia and I ended up landing my first job there. I greatly appreciated the OQP team supporting me during the most difficult time in my career as well as during one of the most challenging times in the market with COVID-19.


Lindamulage Noel De Silva – Accounts/Procurement

Joined OQP in April 2019

OQP Victoria is extremely valuable and provides immense benefits professional migrants to Australia. I was extremely happy to get a career job with John Cotton Australia (Tontine Group) Campbellfield - the place where I did my work placement through Melbourne Polytechnic. While studying, my OQP trainer not only provided me with the contact of the CFO of this company but also personally put in a request to help me. Through this contact I was able to find the work placement and by using the skills I had acquired in the course, I managed to establish a good relationship with the team resulting in a job offer.


Jasdeep Singh - Advisor Business Reporting

Joined OQP in January 2020

OQP Victoria is a transformational program for overseas qualified professionals. It provided me with a plethora of opportunities and a safe environment for upskilling, working on my strengths and weaknesses. I was encouraged to develop my technical, communication, and interview skills with various activities, and after struggling in the Melbourne job market, OQP helped me to finally get a foot in the door with a practical industry placement.


Andrew Abeyratne – Business Analyst

Joined OQP in October 2020

I would undoubtedly rank OQP Victoria as the Number One career development program helping overseas qualified professionals like myself to enter local industries. In my case the OQP team not only prepared me for the local job application process but also assisted me find a work placement at a premier Australian company. This immensely helped me with my job search which ended with me landing my dream job. I am greatly thankful to OQP team and specially the OQP instructor for mentoring me during this most difficult time in my career as well as in one of the most challenging times in job market with COVID-19.


Umesh Badu - Civil & Environmental Engineering

Joined OQP in August 2020

I strongly believe, OQP Victoria is an outstanding program for skilled overseas professionals to develop their communication, networking and employability skills. Most importantly, this program provides skilled professionals with a pathway to gain Australian workplace experience and thus improving employment opportunities. It would have been a significant struggle for me to get a professional job without the mentoring and support by the OQP team to get a professional practical placement.