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Academic Governance

Academic Board

Melbourne Polytechnic's Academic Board assures the quality, integrity and academic standards of the core activities of learning, teaching and scholarship in the context of a polytechnic approach to contemporary work practises, educational innovation and applied research.

The Academic Board advises Melbourne Polytechnic's Board of Directors on the implementation of strategic direction and all educational plans, processes and policies.It also monitors and reports on the quality and standards of all educational activities, including program design and delivery, professional practice, academic policy development and review, regulatory compliance, trends and influences in the Polytechnic's external environment.

The membership comprises the senior educational and student support managers, external members with Higher Education and Vocational Education expertise, and staff and student representation.

Academic Board Members

Frances Coppolillo

Chief Executive

Professor Angela Carbone

External Academic/Industry member (Swinburne University)

Dr Anne Rouse

External Academic/Industry member (Psychologist and Education Consultant)

Dr Karina Davis

Executive Director, Programs and Educational Leadership

Cathy Frazer

Executive Director, Student Experience

Marin Radobuljac

Academic Registrar

Sven Bergstrom

Head, Quality and Compliance

Diane Lewis

Head, Organisational Learning

Basil Papageorge

Head, School of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Dr Tim Weir

Head, School of Creative Arts


Head, School of Engineering, Design and Construction

Dr Julian Hill

Head, School of Food, Plant and Animal Industries


Head, School of Foundation and Preparatory Studies

Dr Audrey D???Souza Juma

Head, School of Health and Education

Caroline Kennedy

Elected HE Staff Member (Head of Program, Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production)

Craig Jones

Elected VET Staff Member (Lead Teacher, Information Technology)

Nouman Rana

Elected HE Student Member (Bachelor of Engineering Technology ??? Civil)

Lucas Vidgen

Elected VET Student Member (Cert IV Cyber Security)

Academic Governance Structure

Academic Governance Structure