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You'll need to check the How to Apply section for the specific course you're interested in and follow the instructions there.

If you know which forms you require, you can download them from this page.

VTAC Applications

VTAC Personal History form

The VTAC Personal History form can be accessed on-line in your VTAC user account after you have submitted your VTAC course application.

This form is used for the following purposes:

  • to enhance your application for a course preference at Melbourne Polytechnic.
  • if you are a Non Year 12 applicant and you apply for a Melbourne Polytechnic course that has prerequisite studies you don't have, you must fill out this form to be considered for selection.

Forms for Enrolled Students

Addition to Enrolment

This form is in duplicate and is available from your Head of Department.

Amendment to Enrolment

This form is available from your Head of Department.

Amendment to Personal Details

Application for Refund

Application for refunds must be made on official Application for Refund of Fees Form

  • Download the form
  • Print and complete the form
  • Return the form to an Melbourne Polytechnic Information Centre

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Deferring from an Melbourne Polytechnic course

Application for Certificate of Qualification or Testamur – Certificate to Degree

For more information see the Graduation and Qualifications pages

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