Not sure which trade you’d like to do? Pre-apprenticeships are a great way to find out what it’s like to work in a particular industry without committing to a formal apprenticeship.

Pre-apprenticeships are available to secondary students, school leavers and mature age students seeking a new career path.

We currently offer pre-apprenticeships in:

  • bricklaying                                                    
  • cabinet making                                                  
  • carpentry
  • commercial cookery                                     
  • electrotechnology
  • engineering                                                   
  • furniture manufacturing                                
  • hairdressing                                                       
  • joinery       
  • landscaping                                                   
  • locksmithing              
  • painting and decorating
  • parks and gardens
  • plastering (wall and ceiling lining)
  • shopfitting
  • sports turf management
  • stair building
  • plumbing
  • wall and floor tiling.

How to get started

  • Check the contact information on course pages you are interested in
  • Click on Enquire or Apply Now
  • Melbourne Polytechnic staff will answer your queries
  • Ask about our next ‘Super Thursday’.

How long will my pre-apprenticeship take?

Melbourne Polytechnic pre-apprenticeships take up to about six months to complete if you study full-time or one year part-time. You need to be 15 years of age or older before you can enrol.

Do I need an employer before commencing a pre-apprenticeship?

You do not need an employer to commence a pre-apprenticeship – Melbourne Polytechnic will endeavour to help you find an employer when you have finished your course.

Will a pre-apprenticeship guarantee me a job?

A pre-apprenticeship doesn’t guarantee you a job but it does provide you with the best preparation for a formal apprenticeship by teaching you basic skills associated with your vocation of choice.

Many employers, when deciding who to take on as an apprentice, will give preference to an applicant who has completed a pre-apprenticeship because they are ‘work ready’.

Also, if you go on to study an apprenticeship in the same field, you may receive recognition for some of the subjects you completed during your pre-apprenticeship – which means you spend less time at TAFE.

Further Information

Contact the Melbourne Polytechnic Course Enquiry Centre on 03 9269 8400

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