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Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture Apprenticeship

Code: MEM30619

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3 years part time

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This is the apprenticeship version of the course. Learn more about the non-apprenticeship Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture here.

Elevate your jewellery skills

Take your creative design skills to work with Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture MEM30619 (Apprenticeship stream). Equipped with industry-standard technical skills and expertise in the field, this apprenticeship will prepare you with the fundamentals of the jewellery trade from the manufacturing of the ring to the setting of the stone. The Australian jewellery manufacturing trade is a $2 billion industry amidst a rising demand for local, custom jewellery. At Melbourne Polytechnic, you’ll receive hands-on invaluable experience in a wide range of jewellery techniques, granting you advanced skills for work in a professional manufacturing environment.

Precious industry experience and refined skills

You’ll receive highly regarded training from an array of experienced trade professionals within the jewellery industry. Qualified industry leaders will guide you throughout your apprenticeship, covering specialist skills through to workplace health and safety regulations. You’ll learn an assortment of skills including surface embellishment techniques, coronet and claw settings and ring remodelling. Melbourne Polytechnic’s extensive industry connections will provide your apprenticeship a distinct credibility, through our partnerships with the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia and the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA).

A sparkling future in the jewellery industry

Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture MEM30619(Apprenticeship stream) graduates are qualified jewellery manufacturers, and may work within a range of practices within the jewellery field. You might find employment within jewellery manufacturing fields, 3D designing and printing, diamond and gemstone setting or jewellery repair.

Career Pathways

Where will the Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture - Apprenticeship MEM30619 take me?

You will be qualified to work in the manufacture of jewellery in platinum, gold and silver - important industries in Australia. You may go on to work in a range of jewellery related professions.

  • Jeweller
  • Watchmaker
  • Assistant Jeweller
  • Jewellery Repairer

Study Pathways

You may extend your qualifications by undertaking further study in the areas of gemmology, diamond technology and jewellery valuation. The course offers a pathway into our Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design MEM60222.

Course Details

How you will study

Each course has a dedicated learning method that is designed to let you thrive in your studies.


Interactive learning in a face-to-face environment. Classes will be held at a Melbourne Polytechnic campus or partner institute. Visit the How You'll Study page for more information.

Assessment Methods

Satisfactory completion of the competencies reflected in your training plan. Assessment methods include drawing exercises, report/projects, production of samples, satisfactory finishing of hand skills projects, and formal tests as required. To qualify for assessment, you must ensure all course fees and levies are paid in full

Units of Study

The hours displayed are nominal, actual classroom hours delivered may differ. Please contact us for the latest student contact hours information.

Code Subject Elective Hours
MEM05006 Perform brazing and/or silver soldering Elective 20
MEM06007 Perform basic incidental heat/quench Elective 20
MEM08010 Manually finish/polish materials Elective 60
MEM09002 Interpret technical drawing Core 40
MEM11011 Undertake manual handling Core 20
MEM11016 Order materials Elective 20
MEM12023 Perform engineering measurements Core 30
MEM12024 Perform computations Core 30
MEM13003 Work safely with industrial chemicals and materials Elective 20
MEM13004 Work safely with molten metals/glass Elective 20
MEM13015 Work safely and effectively in manufacturing and engineering Core 40
MEM14006 Plan work activities Core 40
MEM16006 Organise and communicate information Core 20
MEM16008 Interact with computing technology Core 20
MEM17003 Assist in the provision of on-the-job training Core 20
MEM18001 Use hand tools Core 20
MEM18002 Use power tools/hand held operations Core 20
MEM18003 Use tools for precision work Elective 40
MEM19001 Perform jewellery metal casting Elective 60
MEM19003 Handle gem materials Elective 20
MEM19005 Produce three-dimensional precision items Elective 80
MEM19007 Perform gemstone setting Elective 60
MEM19011 Perform wax inject of moulds for lost wax cast process Elective 20
MEM19013 Produce jewellery metal masters Elective 40
MEM19016 Construct jewellery components Elective 40
MEM19017 Fabricate jewellery items Elective 60
MEM19018 Repair jewellery items Elective 60
MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices Core 30

Jewellery Courses at Melbourne Polytechnic

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Gem Setting
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Fees & Costs

Tuition Fees
Concession Government subsidised fee Non-subsidised fee
Tuition fee $1500 $7500 $24350
Materials fee $200 $200 $200
Maximum annual amenities $175 $250 $250
Total payable $1875 $7950 $24800
Per year $0
Per semester $0

The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

Displayed course fees are indicative only. There are many variables that impact the total amount of your full course costs including qualification for government subsidies, concessions or recognition of prior learning. Tuition fees do not include the cost of student amenities or material costs.

This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding. Contact us to find out if you’re eligible for a Government subsidy.

Melbourne Polytechnic offers a range of payment options to help you pay your tuition fees, so you can get on with your studies.

Fees displayed are effective for new applications received on or after 1st of November. Tuition fees do not include textbooks, course materials or overseas student health insurance and visa fees.

After initial deposit, international students are able to pay tuition fees in installments, four times per year.

For more detailed information please read the International Student Fees.

Fees explained

The fees for those ineligible for a government-funded enrolment. 

Check your eligibility here.

The cost of tuition for those eligible for government funding.

Check your eligibility here.

Concession fees are charged at 20 per cent of the standard fees for enrolments in Certificate I to IV courses. To be eligible students must meet Skills First eligibility criteria and present a valid:

  • Commonwealth Health Care card, or
  • Pensioner Concession card, or
  • Any dependent spouse or dependent child of one of the above cardholders, or
  • Veterans Gold card.

The following groups are eligible for concession fees from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma level:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • Asylum Seekers and victims of human trafficking

Additional expenses

The Student Services and Amenities Fee is charged at forty cents (40 cents) per student contact hour and is capped over a twelve (12) month period, effective from the enrolment date, to:

  • $250 for full fee-paying students; and
  • $175 for concession-paying students studying Certificate I, II, III, or IV.

Amenities fees are used to improve non-academic services including libraries, counselling services, student support, and recreational activities.

We will supply class notes and non-precious materials for general work.
You are required to have and maintain your own basic hand tools and bring them to practical classes and are encouraged to work in silver for some of the test articles.
If you choose to work in precious metals you need to provide these yourself


There are no formal entry requirements for this course.

Next Steps

Apprenticeships are coordinated via the Trade and Traineeship Support Unit (TSU) where you will provide details of your employer, who will register you with an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider.

The AASN will register your training contract with EPSILON and you will be allocated an EPSILON number. Melbourne Polytechnic will then be able to enrol you into your training program.

If you have any questions about the application procedures for an apprenticeship, please contact the TSU.

Recognising Organisations

Nationally Recognised Training

Nationally Recognised Training This course is government accredited and has national recognition.

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