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The Victorian meat industry is one of Australia’s major food industry sectors, and work in this area is in demand.

The Victorian meat industry employs 12,300 people. So whether you have your sights set on entering the meat industry or are already working and want to sharpen your skills, our courses will give you the knowledge for a career as a boner, butcher, retailer or quality inspector.

Skills you will learn:

  • How to break carcass using a bandsaw
  • How to sharpen knives
  • Bone large stock carcass hindquarter
  • Hygiene sanitation performance
  • Identify species and meat cuts
  • Trim meat for further processing

Melbourne Polytechnic trains all the staff for JBS Swift, Australia’s largest meat supplier and provides workplace and campus-based training.

We train all the professional staff for JBS Swift – Australia’s largest meat supplier and we also provide workplace and campus-based training. Our processing plant at our Epping campus included commercial scale boning room, chillers, a meat packing facility and sausage making equipment.

This course would suit those wanting to work as an assistant in a meat-retailing outlet or as a meat processor in the boning room of an abattoir.

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