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Nicole Anderson

Nicole Anderson’s journey through Melbourne Polytechnic started at a time when she needed a renewed sense of direction and fresh challenges for her life.

Now with just a year of her Bachelor of Accounting to complete, she is confident about her future and planning the next stages of an already flourishing career.

“It’s exciting because where I want to take my life is tangible now. My goal is to work with businesses to make this planet better, and to show them how to reduce their bottom line while they do it.”

For Nicole Anderson, studying a Bachelor of Accounting offered a path to financial security for her family, but she was also interested in the long-term future of the planet. She chose to study at Melbourne Polytechnic so that she could combine her accounting skills with her passion for sustainability.

“It was something I was already focused on. I have always believed that the planet is just an extension of our own backyard, so why shouldn’t we do what we can to keep it clean?”

She soon knew she had made the right decision.

“I was anxious about starting at Melbourne Polytechnic but within a week I felt like I had always been there.”

More than just feeling comfortable and getting by, Nicole is attaining fantastic results and loving how the course tests and pushes her abilities.

“When I started looking for accounting courses, I thought I would be lucky if I just passed, but my marks are very high and I put that down to the manner in which they present the classes.”

Melbourne Polytechnic’s learning environment suits Nicole perfectly, with small classes and approachable lecturers who have given her the self-assurance and support she needs to realise her goals.

“We are challenged with each assignment at a level that is just beyond our reach, and then encouraged to strive for it. Then the next time, we are extended a little bit further.”

“I think it also comes down to the smaller classes. You can have a close working relationship with your lecturers and they get to know you as an individual. They know how you work and how to get the best out of you. That also means you can’t skate through anonymously; you have to work hard, but you get a lot out of it if you do.”

Access to online lecture notes and tutorials helped Nicole balance her full-time study with her job and family life, and they also helped her to learn in greater depth.

“The lecturers upload their notes prior to a lecture; in fact, in many cases for me, the whole semester’s notes were uploaded before the semester started, so I had everything organised before I walked into my first class. Then in tutorials I could really contribute to those meaty conversations and debates that cemented my understanding.”

Nicole is already using the skills and knowledge she has learnt at Melbourne Polytechnic — especially in the area of building industry sustainability — to become an invaluable asset to her employer, and she aspires to accomplish even more.

“I also want to give something back to help other single women. I’m a single mother with four children, and money is always tight, so I’d like to do what I can to help women in a similar situation.”

With that in mind, Nicole intends to continue studying and eventually complete a Masters degree. Even with her outstanding grades and solid career ambitions, the true highlight for Nicole is something else entirely.

“When I drop my children off at school I’ve always said, ‘Study hard, learn lots and be anything you want to be’. When my daughter saw my first set of results, she looked at me and said, ‘You weren’t lying, I can be anything I want to be’.”

At that point, her daughter’s attitude to learning transformed.

“I think I’ve got even more out of watching how my study has changed my children and their outlook on learning. That’s actually the greatest achievement for me. Study hard, learn lots and you can be anything you want to be.”


Bachelor of Accounting