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Certificate III in Arboriculture Climbing Arborist Traineeship

Code: AHC30820

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2 years part time

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February, October

This is the traineeship version of the course. See the non-traineeship Certificate III in Arboriculture AHC30820 course here.

Climb with confidence in our Certificate III in Arboriculture AHC30820 traineeship

Grow your passion for conserving nature into an outdoor career with our Certificate III in Arboriculture AHC30820 (Climbing Arborist). Arboriculture is the study of tree cultivation and management, with outdoor work and tree climbing part of the day-to-day job.

Learn industry best practice with official accreditation

The Certificate III in Arboriculture AHC30820 is designed to train you in the latest techniques, using highly-specialised equipment. You’ll learn how to safely access trees, and carry out maintenance and removal works, whilst identifying trees and assessing their health, suitability and longevity. This qualification has been developed with the Victorian Tree Industry Organisation to ensure that all graduates enter the workforce with industry-standard skills.

Melbourne Polytechnic has a strong reputation for excellence in Arboriculture, with previous students winning awards including the Victorian Training Award for Trainee of the Year.

Career Pathways

Where will the Certificate III in Arboriculture - Climbing Arborist Traineeship AHC30820 take me?

This nationally recognised qualification will allow you to gain employment as an arborist.

Study Pathways

Take your skill set even further by going on to the Diploma of Arboriculture AHC50520.
The day I walked in to Melbourne Polytechnic, everything turned around. Studying here gave me confidence, and opened doors for my future and for my work career.
Steve Mclean
Arboriculture Graduate
Portrait of Steve Mclean

Course Details

Delivery methods

  • Practical Work

How you will study

Each course has a dedicated learning method that is designed to let you thrive in your studies.


Interactive learning in a face-to-face environment. Classes will be held at a Melbourne Polytechnic campus or partner institute. Visit the How You'll Study page for more information.

Class Schedule

Traineeship - you will need to be employed before entering this course. Monday to Friday. Delivered over four semesters.

Assessment Methods

Assessment methods include written assessment, observation and project/folio.

Units of Study

The hours displayed are nominal, actual classroom hours delivered may differ. Please contact us for the latest student contact hours information.

Code Subject Elective Hours
AHCARB213 Perform ground-based rigging Core 60
AHCARB314 Implement a tree maintenance program Core 40
AHCARB315 Inspect trees for access and work Core 80
AHCARB316 Perform pruning operations Core 80
AHCARB317 Dismantle trees Elective 130
AHCARB318 Undertake aerial rescue Elective 60
AHCARB319 Use arborist climbing techniques Elective 120
AHCARB320 Install tree support systems Elective 60
AHCARB321 Implement a tree protection program Elective 30
AHCARB322 Access trees for inspection Elective 40
AHCARB323 Identify trees Core 90
AHCARB325 Manage trees to create and maintain habitat refuges Elective 80
FWPCOT2237 Maintain chainsaws Core 20
FWPCOT2239 Trim and cut felled trees Core 40
FWPFGM3212 Fall trees manually (intermediate) Core 40
FWPHAR2206 Operate Mobile Chipper/Mulcher Elective 30
HLTAID011 Provide First Aid Core 18
UETDREL006 Work safely in the vicinity of live electrical apparatus as a non-electrical worker Elective 40

Attend an Information Session

Our information sessions will give you an in-depth look at your chosen area of study and answer your questions about your course.

Fees & Costs

Tuition Fees
Concession Government subsidised fee Non-subsidised fee
Tuition fee $1310 $6550 $16100
Materials fee $65 $65 $65
Maximum annual amenities $175 $250 $250
Total payable $1550 $6865 $16415
Per year $0
Per semester $0

The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

Displayed course fees are indicative only. There are many variables that impact the total amount of your full course costs including qualification for government subsidies, concessions or recognition of prior learning. Tuition fees do not include the cost of student amenities or material costs.

This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding. Contact us to find out if you’re eligible for a Government subsidy.

Melbourne Polytechnic offers a range of payment options to help you pay your tuition fees, so you can get on with your studies.

Fees displayed are effective for new applications received on or after 1st of November. Tuition fees do not include textbooks, course materials or overseas student health insurance and visa fees.

After initial deposit, international students are able to pay tuition fees in installments, four times per year.

For more detailed information please read the International Student Fees.


Lists of required materials, books and timetables will be provided at course induction or class enrolment by the teaching department.

Fees explained

The fees for those ineligible for a government-funded enrolment. 

Check your eligibility here.

The cost of tuition for those eligible for government funding.

Check your eligibility here.

Concession fees are charged at 20 per cent of the standard fees for enrolments in Certificate I to IV courses. To be eligible students must meet Skills First eligibility criteria and present a valid:

  • Commonwealth Health Care card, or
  • Pensioner Concession card, or
  • Any dependent spouse or dependent child of one of the above cardholders, or
  • Veterans Gold card.

The following groups are eligible for concession fees from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma level:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • Asylum Seekers and victims of human trafficking

Additional expenses

The Student Services and Amenities Fee is charged at forty cents (40 cents) per student contact hour and is capped over a twelve (12) month period, effective from the enrolment date, to:

  • $250 for full fee-paying students; and
  • $175 for concession-paying students studying Certificate I, II, III, or IV.

Amenities fees are used to improve non-academic services including libraries, counselling services, student support, and recreational activities.

All students will need to provide their own personal protective equipment (PPE), as per the Melbourne Polytechnic Student Code of Conduct. Minimum requirements are: safety helmet with ear protection, protective footwear, protective eyewear, hi-vis clothing and cut-resistant leg protection. You will be given a list of items required at the beginning of the course.
All students will need to provide their own personal protective equipment (PPE). Minimum requirements are: safety helmet with ear protection, protective footwear, protective eyewear, Hi Vis clothing and cut resistant leg protection. You will be given a list of items required at the beginning of the course.


As a trainee, you will be eligible for this course if you are employed in the aboricultural/horticultural industry and have a signed Training Agreement with your employer and Melbourne Polytechnic.

Prospective trainees will be interviewed to establish if this course is suited to your needs.

As a general guide to entry, learners will be best equipped to achieve the course outcome if they have a minimum level of literacy and numeracy skills equivalent to the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) Level 3.

Next Steps

Traineeships are coordinated via the Trade and Traineeship Support Unit (TSU) where you will provide details of your employer, who will register you with an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider.

The AASN will register your training contract on EPSILON and you will be allocated a EPSILON number. Melbourne Polytechnic will then be able to enrol you into your training program.

If you have any questions about the application procedures for an Apprenticeship, please contact the TSU.

Recognising Organisations

Nationally Recognised Training

Nationally Recognised Training This course is government accredited and has national recognition.

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