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Study Business with us and get access to the most efficient pathways and industry connections to help you move up the career ladder.

Get job ready with our industry-focused business, technology and legal courses taught by passionate, highly skilled industry practitioners – we’ll guide you into a range of professions and see you sailing off into an exciting new career. 



Today's accountants are integral to developing business strategies and assisting in a company’s growth.

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The administration professional is no longer stuck at a desk pushing paper, but can now develop skills in a wide range of areas.

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In this fast-paced global economy, exceptional organisation of finances has become a prized skill.

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Study Business at Melbourne Polytechnic for fantastic pathways and industry connections to develop your small business.

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Human Resources

An organisation’s staff is now seen as its most valuable asset, and Human Resources skills are vital to organisational success.

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International Trade

The world of international trade offers the potential for great rewards, but also presents many challenges and pitfalls.

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Occupational Health and Workplace Safety

Present day organisations and businesses must recognise the importance of occupational health and safety in the workplace. Our wide range of courses offer a training solution for any workplace.

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Project Management

Our courses in Management will lead current or potential managers towards further achievement in careers in government, leadership, project management and team leadership.

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Real Estate

With the real estate industry looking forward to renewed growth, skills in property management and real estate agency operations are in demand.

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