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Espresso Shot

Espresso Shot

Imagine you’re at your favourite café slipping on an espresso, a cappuccino or even a sugarless-skinny-soya-latte but you have nothing to read! You’ve left your magazine in the car, your iPad in the office and your current trashy novel sitting on the bedside table.

Now your coffee tastes bitter, you start noticing the stains on the floor and how wonky the table is. You’ve read the menu for the fifth time even though you’re not hungry.

But you are hungry … to read! 

Then you take a closer look at what your coffee cup is sitting on. It isn’t a napkin and it isn’t a placemat. It’s some sort of note pad with writing on it. Yes! You’ve found something to read and, surprise, surprise, it’s actually quite entertaining. 

You’ve just read a student piece from Melbourne Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Writing and Publishing Espresso Shot – a six hundred word short story masterpiece!

Call for submissions

We are looking for six hundred word short story submissions for edition three of Espresso Shot.

Whether you’ve got one on file or are inspired to write one afresh, enter your brilliant works via moc.l1571069639iamg@1571069639timnt1571069639ohsos1571069639serps1571069639e1571069639

Ten stories will be chosen for each anthology. Successful applicants will be contacted via email (and receive their own personal copy of Espresso Shot).



While nothing beats the printed paper (in this instance, anyway) for those of us unable to visit an Espresso Shot cafe we have included a pdf version from the previous editions:

Espresso Shot volume oneYarra Edge Nursery Cafe edition
Espresso Shot volume twoLentil As Anything edition

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