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Certificate III in Plumbing

Code: CPC32413

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3 years full time

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Lay the groundwork for a future-safe career with a Certificate III in Plumbing CPC32413

Progress your career in plumbing with a Certificate III in Plumbing CPC32413 at Melbourne Polytechnic. Complete this course while doing your apprenticeship and join the path to becoming a qualified plumber. You can secure a future-safe career by joining one of Australia’s biggest industries, generating approximately $14.7 billion a year in revenue and 29,000 new job openings over five years.

Develop specialist skills with hands-on learning

You’ll master in-demand skills in practical learning environments and gain knowledge in a variety of specialist areas. This includes installing and maintaining pipework as well as drainage, roofing, fire hydrants and irrigation systems. You’ll train on-the-job with your employer and participate in full-sized projects in our modern training facilities under the guidance of experienced teachers. Melbourne Polytechnic plumbing students have a reputation for excellence, receiving industry recognition at the Plumbing and Fire Industry Awards and Master Plumbers Awards.

Complete a Certificate III in Plumbing CPC32413 and create your own path

This certificate opens doors to a range of opportunities. You can choose to work as a sole trader or become an employee in a plumbing or construction business. You might work as a general plumber or choose to specialise in a certain area like water heaters or stormwater systems. The Certificate III in Plumbing CPC32413 can also work as a pathway to further training or higher education. You can take the path that best suits your lifestyle and career goals.

Please note Melbourne Polytechnic does not deliver the mechanical services stream.

Career Pathways

Where will the Certificate III in Plumbing CPC32413 take me?

Completing a Certificate III in Plumbing CPC32413 opens doors to a range of opportunities. You can choose to work as a sole trader or become an employee in a plumbing or construction business. You might work as a general plumber or choose to specialise in a certain area like water heaters or stormwater systems.
  • Fire System Technician
  • Water Heater Technician
  • Domestic Plumber
  • Commercial Plumber
  • Irrigation Plumber
  • Industrial Plumber

Study Pathways

Upon successful completion of the course, students will have completed the 'off-the-job' requirements of the CPC32413 Certificate III in Plumbing, and will become eligible to undertake the Plumbing Industry Commission apprentice registration exam.

Course Details

Delivery methods

Blended delivery within an apprenticeship model.

  • Apprenticeship

How you will study

Each course has a dedicated learning method that is designed to let you thrive in your studies.


Interactive learning in a face-to-face environment. Classes will be held at a Melbourne Polytechnic campus or partner institute.

Class Schedule

Course duration may vary depending on the student completing all competencies as required. The course is delivered in a block release format.

8am - 4pm

Assessment Methods

On completion, the student will be tested on the practical area of the course by an external examination. On completion of the selected alternative streams, the student will be tested on the theoretical component of the streams by external examination.

Units of Study

The hours displayed are nominal, actual classroom hours delivered may differ. Please contact us for the latest student contact hours information.

Code Subject Elective Hours
CPCCCM2010B Work safely at heights Elective 8
CPCCCM3001C Operate elevated work platforms Elective 32
CPCCOHS2001A Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry Elective 20
CPCPCM2039A Carry out interactive workplace communication Core 10
CPCPCM2040A Read plans and calculate plumbing quantities Core 8
CPCPCM2041A Work effectively in the plumbing and services sector Core 15
CPCPCM2043A Carry out WHS requirements Core 50
CPCPCM2045A Handle and store plumbing materials Core 6
CPCPCM2046A Use plumbing and hand power tools Core 40
CPCPCM2047A Carry out levelling Core 6
CPCPCM2048A Cut and join sheet metal Core 8
CPCPCM2049A Cut using OXY-LPG-acetylene equipment Elective 8
CPCPCM2050A Mark out materials Core 20
CPCPCM2052A Weld using oxy-acetylene equipment Core 16
CPCPCM2053A Weld using manual metal arc welding equipment Core 16
CPCPCM2054A Carry out simple concreting and rendering Core 16
CPCPCM2055A Work safely on roofs Core 20
CPCPCM3021A Flash penetrations through roofs and walls Core 18
CPCPCM3022A Weld polyethylene and polypropylene pipes using fusion method Core 8
CPCPCM3023A Fabricate and install non-ferrous pressure piping Core 12
CPCPDR2021A Locate and clear blockages Core 8
CPCPDR2022A Install domestic treatment plants Core 20
CPCPDR2023A Maintain effluent disinfection systems Elective 4
CPCPDR2024A Install stormwater and subsoil drainage systems Core 15
CPCPDR2025A Drain work site Core 5
CPCPDR2026A Install prefabricated inspection openings and enclosures Core 4
CPCPDR3021A Plan layout of a residential sanitary drainage system Core 8
CPCPDR3023A Install onsite disposal systems Core 8
CPCPFS3031A Fabricate and install fire hydrant and hose reel systems Core 40
CPCPFS3037A Install domestic and residential life safety sprinkler systems Elective 60
CPCPGS3046A Install LPG systems in caravans, mobile homes and mobile workplaces Core 12
CPCPGS3047A Install LPG systems in marine craft Core 12
CPCPGS3048A Install gas pressure control equipment Core 8
CPCPGS3049A Install Type A gas appliance flues Core 12
CPCPGS3050A Install Type B gas appliance flues Elective 4
CPCPGS3051A Purge consumer piping Core 8
CPCPGS3052A Maintain Type A gas appliances Elective 12
CPCPGS3053A Disconnect and reconnect type a gas appliances Core 16
CPCPGS3054A Calculate and install natural ventilation for type a gas applicances Core 8
CPCPGS3056A Install gas piping systems Core 24
CPCPGS3057A Size consumer gas piping systems Core 8
CPCPGS3059A Install LPG storage of aggregate storage capacity up to 500 litres Core 22
CPCPGS3060A Install LPG storage of aggregate storage capacity exceeding 500 litres and less than 8kl Elective 4
CPCPGS3061A Install and commission Type A gas appliances Core 30
CPCPIG2021A Design domestic urban irrigation systems Elective 5
CPCPIG3021A Set out, install and commission irrigation systems Elective 4
CPCPIG3022A Install and commission domestic irrigation pumps Elective 4
CPCPRF2022A Select and install roof sheeting and wall cladding Core 16
CPCPRF2023A Collect and store roof water Core 10
CPCPRF2024A Fabricate roof coverings to curved structures Core 8
CPCPRF3021A Receive roofing materials Core 4
CPCPRF3022A Fabricate and install roof drainage components Core 48
CPCPRF3023A Fabricate and install external flashings Core 16
CPCPRF3024A Install roof components Core 10
CPCPRF3025A Install roof covering to curved roof structure Elective 12
CPCPRF3026A Install composite roof systems Core 20
CPCPSN3011B Plan layout of a residential sanitary plumbing system Core 8
CPCPSN3022A Install discharge pipes Core 28
CPCPSN3023A Fabricate and install sanitary stacks Core 28
CPCPSN3024A Install and fit off sanitary fixtures Core 20
CPCPSN3025A Install pre-treatment facilities Elective 8
CPCPSN3026A Install sewerage pump sets Elective 8
CPCPWT3020A Connect and install storage tanks to a domestic water supply Core 12
CPCPWT3021A Set out and install water services Core 36
CPCPWT3022A Install and adjust water service controls and devices Core 12
CPCPWT3023A Install and commission water heating systems Core 25
CPCPWT3025A Install water pump sets Core 8
CPCPWT3026A Fit off and commission heated and cold water services Core 16
CPCPWT3027A Connect irrigation systems from drinking water supply Core 6
CPCPWT3028A Install water service Elective 10
CPCPWT3029A Install water pipe systems Elective 12
HLTFA211A Provide basic emergency life support Core 8
RIICCM210A Install trench support Core 16

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Fees & Costs

Tuition Fees
Concession Government subsidised fee Non-subsidised fee
Tuition fee $1310 $6550 $28650
Materials fee $653 $653 $653
Maximum annual amenities $175 $250 $250
Total payable $2138 $7453 $29553
Per year $
Per semester $

The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

Displayed course fees are indicative only. There are many variables that impact the total amount of your full course costs including qualification for government subsidies, concessions or recognition of prior learning. Tuition fees do not include the cost of student amenities or material costs.

This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding. Contact us to find out if you’re eligible for a Government subsidy.

Melbourne Polytechnic offers a range of payment options to help you pay your tuition fees, so you can get on with your studies.

Fees displayed are effective for new applications received on or after 1 November 2021. Tuition fees do not include textbooks, course materials or overseas student health insurance and visa fees.

After initial deposit, international students are able to pay tuition fees in installments, four times per year.

For more detailed information please read the International Student Fees.

Please note: All materials are supplied as part of enrolment fees. Equipment lists are available from the Building and Construction Department.

Fees explained

The fees for those ineligible for a government-funded enrolment. 

Check your eligibility here.

The cost of tuition for those eligible for government funding.

Check your eligibility here.

Concession fees are charged at 20 per cent of the standard fees for enrolments in Certificate I to IV courses. To be eligible students must meet Skills First eligibility criteria and present a valid:

  • Commonwealth Health Care card, or
  • Pensioner Concession card, or
  • Any dependent spouse or dependent child of one of the above cardholders, or
  • Veterans Gold card.

The following groups are eligible for concession fees from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma level:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • Asylum Seekers and victims of human trafficking

Additional expenses

The Student Services and Amenities Fee is charged at forty cents (40 cents) per student contact hour and is capped over a twelve (12) month period, effective from the enrolment date, to:

  • $250 for full fee-paying students; and
  • $175 for concession-paying students studying Certificate I, II, III, or IV.

Amenities fees are used to improve non-academic services including libraries, counselling services, student support, and recreational activities.

All materials are supplied as part of enrolment fees. Equipment lists are available from the Building and Construction Department.

Course Fees

All materials are supplied as part of enrolment fees. Equipment lists are available from the Building and Construction Department.


You must be employed as an apprentice.

Next Steps

Apprenticeships are coordinated via the Trade and Traineeship Support Unit (TSU) where you will provide details of your employer, who will register you with an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider.

The AASN will register your training contract with EPSILON and you will be allocated an EPSILON number. Melbourne Polytechnic will then be able to enrol you into your training program.

If you have any questions about the application procedures for an apprenticeship, please contact the TSU.

Application procedureApplication procedure

Recognising Organisations

Nationally Recognised Training

Nationally Recognised Training This course is government accredited and has national recognition.

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