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We’ll transform your career into the sweet sound of high definition. From Foley to the principals of sound recording and production, Melbourne Polytechnic’s courses offer you plenty of networking opportunities to give you the edge.

If you are interested to work as a live-sound mixer, sound assistant, sound technician, studio engineer or a post-production engineer our courses would suit you. Our range of courses include practical projects and all the theoretical knowledge you need to know.

You’ll learn about various recording techniques, ranging from high definition digital studio recording to analogue mixing and recording of live bands. You’ll also learn about studio recording, live sound reinforcement systems and post production. A wide selection of microphones and audio mixers are used, and you’ll gain considerable experience with professional software such as Pro Tools.

Gain the upper hand in this competitive industry as our courses connect you to potential work contacts within our large student body, as well as links with the music industry. Melbourne Polytechnic is one of Australia’s largest providers of contemporary music education, and our sound production students are encouraged to work with other students from our large performing arts department through projects and events.

The Performing Arts department consists of:

Certificate IV in Music Industry (Sound Production) - Sound Production
Can you hear us? Melbourne Polytechnic can help you start a career in Sound Production with our Certificate IV in Music Industry (Sound Production stream). It's the best place to start developing your knowledge and skills in this exciting field

Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services
If you have a passion for all the aspects of theatre and live production then our Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services is for you. Our course teaches you what you need to know about lighting, stage/event management and visions systems and theatre sound.

Diploma of Music Industry - Music Production
Start your career in the music industry. Enrol in our Diploma of Music Industry, with Music Production application, where you'll learn the specialist skills for sound production. You can then work as a professional composer, DJ, sound designer and sound producer in Melbourne's vibrant music scene.

Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production)
Amplify and fine-tune your skills in sound production. Learn from industry-experienced teachers who are keen to pass on their expertise and insights to you. If you’re interested in working in the music production industry as a sound producer or engineer - then our Advanced Diploma of Music Industry course is for you.

Associate Degree of Songwriting and Music Production
The Associate Degree of Songwriting and Music Production will see you well on the way to a Bachelor degree qualification as a music artist. The Associate Degree is for music artists, emerging songwriters, composers and music producers, who want to be taught as artists.

Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production
Our Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production is a music artist’s degree for emerging songwriters, composers and music producers, who will be taught as artists. Be part of something unique - nowhere else in Australia can you explore your musical, artistic career in this way and to degree level.

Master of Creative Industries
We are pleased to introduce our latest post-graduate course - the Master of Creative Industries (MCI). The MCI aims to strengthen your knowledge of applied creative research, critical thinking and to extend your practice. These skills are vital to succeed within the competitive creative industries - enrol with us to get ahead, and stay ahead.


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