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Screen and Media (TV Production)


If you're interested in a career in TV broadcasting and video production, our courses will give you industry relevant skills to get you well on your way. Take action today.

Melbourne Polytechnic's screen and media courses focus on industry recognised non-linear editing systems such as AVID Media Composer and Final Cut Pro. We have Australia’s first educational installation of a hard drive based recording and playback system (an EVS) which is vital in live editing at major international sporting events, such as the Grand Slam tennis, the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games. EVS technology is unique because it provides instant media ingest and playback functionality, offering complex editing features such as live replay and highlight editing.

Another advantage are our networking opportunities within our extensive Performing Arts department. You will have the opportunity to create future work contacts and connect with like-minded peers within the student body.

The Performing Arts department includes students doing courses in the areas of:

Interaction between these student groups is encouraged via projects and timetabled events throughout the various programs.

Certificate IV in Screen and Media
If working in the fast-paced world of TV and video production sounds like you, then enrol in our Certificate IV in Screen and Media course. Get industry insights and the skills and knowledge you need to get ahead of the competition, and stay ahead. “Roll camera … camera rolling.”

Diploma of Screen and Media (Sports Broadcasting)
Do you have the determination, drive and skills to make it in the competitive world of sports broadcasting? If you love digital media, technology and are a sports fan, then enrol in our Diploma of Screen and Media - Sports Broadcasting stream for a fantastic career.

Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (Digital Content Creation)
Digital content is a highly sought after skill, and the creation of video content holds a critical place in our visual landscape. If you’re interested in the media industry and are keen to get your foot in the door, then enrol in our Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media.

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