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Health and Community Services

Our diverse and broad reaching courses provide fabulous career paths within the health and community services sectors.

If you are committed to working with the disadvantaged, or perhaps already working in this space, our range of courses are designed for you. Make positive contributions to the community in the areas of mental health, youth, alcohol and drugs, homelessness and general community welfare.


Individual Support

Australia’s population is ageing and there are increasing opportunities to work with older people.

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Community Services Work

If you are committed to working with disadvantaged people, our community services courses will appeal to you.

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Disability Support Work

Working with people with disabilities is a very rewarding field of employment.

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Health Services Assistance

Health professionals need specialised support to deliver the best in hospital care.

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Pathology courses | Melbourne Polytechnic

Pathology Collection

Our Pathology courses provide the minimum qualification required for employment in pathology, pathology collection and other pathology-related enterprises.

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