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Australia prides itself on being an inclusive, harmonious and multicultural society. If your English language skills could use a bit of fine-tuning, then our courses would benefit you.

Melbourne Polytechnic provides helpful courses for adult learners where English is a second language. Our courses will equip you with language and cultural skills needed to live and work productively in the Australian community, or to enter employment, or further study in a range of specific areas. The courses were formerly known as English as a Second Language (ESL). 

Our student’s successfully go on to work in areas such as community work, childcare, the health sector, aged care, hospitality or further study.

Improve your knowledge and skills on a range of subjects:

  • Australian culture and history
  • Australian government and law
  • Computing, internet and email
  • Community services
  • Current affairs
  • Health and medical information
  • Reading, writing and spoken English
  • Vocational specific skills for industries such as hospitality and childcare

Certificate I in EAL (Access)
The Certificate I in EAL (Access) is for people who speak limited English. If you need to improve your English to prepare for study in Australia, this course is for you.

Certificate II in EAL (Access)
Can you speak some simple English, but need to work on your fluency? Improve your English with the Certificate II in EAL (Access).

Certificate III in EAL (Access)
The Certificate III in English as an Additional Language (EAL) (Access) teaches intermediate English language skills to adults from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Certificate IV in EAL (Further Study)
Are you from a non-English speaking background? Prepare for further education with the Certificate IV in English as an Additional Language (Further Study). This course will bring your English to an advanced level. It will also develop your communication and research skills to prepare you for further study.

Course in EAL - Foundation Studies
Melbourne Polytechnic’s Course in English as an Additional Language (EAL) teaches basic English to adults from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Overseas-Qualified Professionals Program - OQP Victoria
OQP Victoria is a course designed for skilled, qualified and experienced overseas professionals who require high level speaking and listening, reading and writing skills in English to gain professional employment in their field. Participants have specialised knowledge and technical skills and need to develop a higher level of English language proficiency and understanding of the Australian labour market and work place culture to successfully gain access to employment.

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