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Civil Engineering


Take the first step towards your career as a civil engineer with a course at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Your design ideas become reality as a civil engineer. Courses at Melbourne Polytechnic offer a comprehensive range of subjects on the design and construction of public works.

Civil engineers design and oversee the building of works such as:

  • roads
  • bridges
  • commercial and industrial buildings
  • water, sewage and irrigation structures
  • recreational facilities
  • car parks

The course focuses on engineering drafting skills which will help you to find work in the industry.

You will specialise in one of the following:

  • geographic information
  • civil drafting
  • structural drafting

Gain skills and knowledge in:

  • taking account of environmental issues
  • civil construction processes
  • interpreting and processing survey data
  • computer aided drafting
  • drawing for roads, sewers, reticulation systems and reinforced concrete
  • applying survey methods to engineering
  • fabrication techniques
  • analysing force systems
  • structural steel shop and design drawings
  • selecting engineering materials
  • using computer aided design techniques and documentation software
Diploma of Engineering Technology - Civil Engineering or Mechatronic Engineering
The Diploma of Engineering Technology is a blueprint for your engineering, drafting and design future and also makes up the first year of the Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology. Our multidisciplinary approach provides the opportunity to commence an Engineering program learning all essential basics before you specialise in one of two exciting Streams: Civil Engineering Design and Mechatronic Engineering Design

Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - Civil Engineering Design or Mechatronic Engineering Design
Would you like to work in the Engineering sector and gain essential skills? Our Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology is a blueprint for your engineering, drafting and design future. Our intensive course covers all the basics, so you can decide in which area you'll specialise.

Associate Degree of Engineering Technology (Civil)
Are you ready for a career in Construction Management, Structural Engineering or Transportation design and practice? Gain skills in planning, critical thinking, problem solving, inspection, collaboration, communication and project management, as well as specialist skills and knowledge in engineering.

Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil)
Would you like a career in structural engineering, municipal engineering or construction management? Our degree will get you ready to not only work in the industry, but to one day lead it.

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