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Training and Assessment


There is an emphasis on the need for workplace skills to be kept up to date, making the training and assessment pathway more viable than ever. Our courses will teach you to understand how your students learn and to teach accordingly.

Our training and assessment courses are offered at three levels and are designed to:

  • Enhance your existing skills
  • Lead to a career in the classroom or workplace as an assessor or supervisor
  • Qualify you to deliver training packages in a variety of workplace environments

The range of study skills include:

  • preparing and presenting training sessions
  • developing training programs
  • evaluating and assessing participants
  • e-learning
  • direct group-based learning
  • creating an inclusive learning culture
  • using training packages to meet client needs
  • developing assessment tools
  • organising distance-learning.
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Share your expertise with the world as a VET trainer. With Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, you will be qualified to deliver the absolute latest in training and assessment services in the vocational education and training sector.

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