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Childcare work is an essential and imperative need that contributes to the child’s development in their early formative years. The industry faces skills shortages so it's a good time to get trained up.

Childcare centre managers and childcare workers are occupations the Australian government has identified as having a skill shortage. If you enjoy working with children (up to six years of age) then apply for one of Melbourne Polytechnic's courses in Early Childhood Education. If you are already working in childcare then we have courses that can give you more skills, and broaden your work opportunities.

If you would like to engage and understand the physical, social and language development of children then our courses would be a good fit for you. You will learn about how to care for babies, support children’s play and learning, nutrition, corporative behaviour and how to identify young people at risk. Your training will also provide you with an understanding of running a centre and supervision of staff, designing and implementing programs, coordination and advocacy for the rights of children. We cover first aid, occupational health and safety, how to work with families from all backgrounds and the legal and ethical frameworks.

With another year of study, you could be at the helm:

  • Coordinating programs
  • Managing services
  • Working as a team leader
  • Providing professional supervision of staff including volunteers

With our fully equipped practical rooms on our Preston Campus, we can develop and extend your skills and knowledge in this realistic setting. You can work in both long day care and the occasional care of children up to six years of age.

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
This course is designed to develop your understanding of issues relevant to the children’s services sector and to enhance your practical skills needed to deliver high quality care and education to young children. You will learn first aid, how to care for babies and toddlers and how to support holistic development of children.

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
The Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care provides students with the skills and knowledge to plan and operate educational programs for children based upon their skills and interests.

Associate Degree of Early Years Studies
Are you inspired to work with young children? Would you like to work as an educator (room leader) in a long day care setting or as a co-educator (assistant) in a kindergarten? If so, our Associate Degree of Early Years Studies is ideal for you.

Bachelor of Education (Early Years)
The Bachelor of Education provides you the expert pedagogical knowledge and classroom practice to succeed as an educator in the early childhood and primary setting.

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