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If you think plumbing is just clearing blocked pipes and fixing leaky taps, you might be surprised.

Plumbing and gasfitting is a varied career involving many different areas, including:

  • roof and wall coverings
  • sanitary fixtures
  • gas appliances
  • heating and ventilation
  • fire hydrants and sprinklers
  • urban irrigation systems.

Plumbing also involves installing and maintaining pipes that carry:

  • water
  • sewerage
  • gas
  • other industrial products.

If this sounds like an area you would like to work in, why not apply for one of our courses in Plumbing Services?

We offer two types of courses:

  • pre-apprenticeship
  • apprenticeship.

The pre-apprenticeship courses are off-site at Melbourne Polytechnic and include instruction in other areas of building and construction. The apprenticeships involve working on-site with a qualified plumber as well as periods of on-site training at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Once you have completed your qualifications, you will have the choice of working for an employer or setting up your own small business.

Skills you will learn:

  • concreting
  • levelling and scaffolding
  • working on elevated work platforms
  • first aid
  • occupational health and safety
  • performing calculations and measurements
  • using hand and power tools
  • welding equipment and techniques
  • drainage techniques
  • gas storage, piping and installation
  • installing irrigation and water systems, heating, sewerage and roof equipment
  • working safely on roofs.

The plumbing training facilities in the Manufacturing, Engineering and Building Industry Training Centre at our Heidelberg campus are recognised as a national industry benchmark – they include a plumbing sandpit, simulated house stations and an advanced gas training laboratory. 

Certificate II in Drainage
The Certificate II in Drainage ensures you learn the latest drainage skills to be an asset to your employer and to complete one component required to become registered with the Victorian Building Authority as a drainer.

Certificate II in Plumbing (Pre-apprenticeship)
The Certificate II in Plumbing (pre-apprenticeship) provides the best tools and practical experience to launch your career in plumbing. Develop the right skills in a hands-on learning environment to prepare you for a plumbing apprenticeship.

Certificate III in Plumbing
Melbourne Polytechnic's Certificate III in Plumbing ensures you receive a top trade qualification and learn the latest in plumbing skills to be an asset to your employer throughout your apprenticeship. Train on-the-job with your employer and off-site in our modern facilities.

Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services (Partial)
Gather all the tools you need to be a success in the plumbing trade with our Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services.

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