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Auslan (Australian Sign Language) is how our friends in the deaf community communicate. Melbourne Polytechnic has a range of courses available to teach you Auslan.

Melbourne Polytechnic has a range of courses available to teach you effective communication with deaf and hearing-impaired children and adults. You’ll learn about the history of the deaf community, culture, Auslan linguistics and communication skills.   

We focus on delivering innovative, best-practice, flexible and student-centred courses. Our courses include multi-modal delivery including face-to-face teaching and online and video conferencing. We encourage anyone who wishes to learn Auslan to start with us. These courses are offered at our Prahran campus and also at various regional locations across Victoria.  

There are fantastic resources for our deaf community online, including the Auslan Signbank.  

Our courses suit:

  • Adults aspiring to work with the deaf community as an Auslan interpreter – this course is pre-requisite to interpreter training
  • Parents of deaf and hard of hearing children whose children benefit from communicating in Auslan
  • Adults who work with deaf and hard of hearing people in the community and want to enhance their everyday communication to provide an inclusive workplace
  • Deaf or hard of hearing adults who want to acquire Auslan skills to communicate with deaf people who use Auslan or to enhance their accessibility in the community
  • Professionals wanting to provide services to communicate directly with deaf and hard of hearing clients
  • Anyone who loves learning a new language

Information Sessions

Melbourne Polytechnic is hosting information sessions where you will be able to find out more details on the Auslan courses. Visit the Information and Enrolment page to register your interest.


If you want to know more, have a look at our list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Further Information

Phone: 03 9269 8400
Email: ua.ud1521864429e.cin1521864429hcety1521864429lopen1521864429ruobl1521864429em@na1521864429lsua1521864429

Certificate II in Auslan
Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate II in Auslan is the beginning of an accredited training pathway for people who want to communicate effectively with deaf and hard of hearing children and adults. This course is ideal if you want to learn Auslan for personal reasons or if you aspire to effectively communicate with deaf people in services and/or working environment.

Certificate III in Auslan
The Certificate III in Auslan program continues to build on the skills learnt in Certificate II and you will begin to consolidate your basic skills in order to prepare for the next level Auslan courses. Completing a Certificate III course will open up more employment pathways within the community.

Certificate IV in Auslan
Auslan Training provides accredited training pathways if you want to communicate effectively with deaf and hard of hearing children and adults. Our industry recognised Auslan training and course outcomes will open positive career pathways.

Diploma of Auslan
Are you looking to work in an industry involving deaf people? Auslan Training with us, will provide you with accredited training pathways so you can communicate effectively with deaf and hard-of-hearing children and adults.

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