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A-line, Vintage, Darts, Cut, Fit, Texture, Feel – Expand your skills with Melbourne Polytechnic's Fashion Design courses. Be at the cutting edge of the future of fashion.

Develop and hone your skills in design, pattern production, costume design and fabrics and styling. Learn to identify the latest market trends and the way the fashion industry operates. Students who complete our course, can go on to work in the industry as fashion designers, theatre and costume designers, industry buyers, pattern technicians, fashion illustrators and stylists. Our highly qualified staff bring their valuable industry experience to the classroom, and you’ll learn technical skills, gain industry insights and much more.

There's never been a better time to start your own collection or design theatre period costumes in Melbourne – Australia's fashion capital. Known for its laneways, coffee and vibrant fashion, Melbourne is a great place to study fashion design as the city supports a culture of both high-end fashion and emerging designers.  

For information on how to prepare your portfolio and interview preparation, click here.

Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services (Costume for Performance)
Turn your costume-making talent into a career. Our Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services (Costume for Performance) prepares you for freelance costume-making work or employment in a variety costume designing and making situations. Create the look and feel of costumes - articulate your designs into visual expressions on the stage.

Short Courses

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