Animal Studies


If you have a passion for animal behaviour and welfare, and would like a career in animal services and care then our courses would benefit you.

Melbourne Polytechnic has an enduring and highly regarded relationship with the animal industry. You’ll learn general animal care and husbandry, native wildlife care, breeding procedures, companion animal behaviour, veterinary clinic duties and the health and nutrition of animals.

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Career options include:

  • Animal attendant
  • Community animal care or farm worker
  • Kennel/cattery attendant
  • Pet grooming and pet shop worker
  • Shelter worker
  • Veterinary nurse

Graduates of our Associate Degree in Veterinary Nursing can go on to work in veterinary pharmaceutical, nutritional companies and animal research facilities. Our course offers practical clinical placements and comprehensive training in modern facilities. Our facilities offer you excellent training to learn handling and husbandry, where you’ll gain skills through projects at our Fairfield and Epping campuses.   

Certificate II in Animal Studies
Do you dream of a career caring for animals? With our Certificate II in Animal Studies, you will achieve the skills and knowledge necessary to care for a range of animals.

Certificate III in Animal Technology
Does a rewarding career in animal technology sound appealing? Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate III in Animal Technology is the minimum industry qualification for those operating at a junior or assistant level and undertaking animal technology functions within a scientific environment. Gain a range of skills such as laboratory procedures and husbandry and care of animals.

Certificate III in Companion Animal Services
Do you long to work with cats and dogs? Melbourne Polytechnic offers training through the Certificate III in Companion Animal Services. You will have practical experience while learning the necessary skills and knowledge to care for animals in a professional setting.

Certificate III In Laboratory Skills
Start you career in the Sciences with a Certificate III in Laboratory Skills

Certificate IV in Agribusiness
With a growing demand for food and fibre there is a greater demand than ever for the skills and experience to sustain and grow a farming business. Our Certificate IV in Agribusiness will take your farming business into the future.

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing
Formalise your Veterinary Nursing qualifications with our Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. This course provides you with the industry qualification you need for your veterinary nursing career, helping you develop your skills in a range of animal care and surgical routines.

Diploma of Animal Technology
Learn how to care for animals at Melbourne Polytechnic. The Diploma of Animal Technology provides you with skills, knowledge and the industry qualifications for animal technology.

Associate Degree of Veterinary Nursing
Melbourne Polytechnic's exciting Associate Degree of Veterinary Nursing is the first para-professional veterinary nursing qualification of this level available in Australia. It is designed to produce highly skilled clinicians with exceptional levels of practical skill, knowledge and in-depth understanding gained through a stimulating exploration of the academic underpinnings of the field.

Bachelor of Veterinary Nursing
La Trobe’s Veterinary Nursing degree, delivered at Melbourne Polytechnic's Epping Campus, provides graduates with a work-ready qualification and is the first full degree in Veterinary Nursing in Australia.

Certificate III in Urban Pest Management
With a Certificate III in Urban Pest Management, you can become an expert in this field with a unique skill set. Understand practice methods of pest control, management and prevention.

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