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Animal Studies

Interested in an exciting new career working with feathered, finned and furry friends?

Work with companion animals, horses through farriery and racing, or register your interest in the next intake of our exceptional Associate Degree of Veterinary Nursing.

An animal studies course can develop into a satisfying career working with your best friends every day. Potential pathways are diverse – you could be working in pet grooming, an animal shelter, a kennel/cattery, a pet shop, in community animal care, on a farm, or as a veterinary nurse. Animal study and care is ultimately rewarding for you and the animals, see our courses below for information on how to get started. 


Animal Studies

Melbourne Polytechnic's facilities and practical rooms provide opportunities for basic handling and husbandry. 

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Equine Studies

The Equine Studies programs are delivered on Melbourne Polytechnic's established 300 hectare thoroughbred stud farm.

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