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Whole Farm Planning

Learn the full set of basics of Farm Planning at Melbourne Polytechnic's farm in Yan Yean and fell confident and well on the way to your life on the land.

Course Code: SAH016

Fees: $493.00


Melbourne Polytechnic offers this full and vibrant short course as a series of weekend workshops at our working training farm in Yan Yean. The Whole Farm Planning short course will give you the full set of basics of Farm Planning.

Topics include:

  • introductions and aims
  • history of whole farm planning
  • purchase of aerial photographs
  • land classification and capabilities
  • the planning process
  • sustainable land management
  • soils, limiting factors for land use
  • soil sampling and understanding analysis results
  • soils practical exercise
  • using and understanding aerial photographs
  • itemising physical and natural resources and infrastructure
  • protecting wetlands and waterways
  • soil erosion and landcare
  • managing water requirements on farms
  • designs of troughs tanks and water reticulation
  • protection against fire and drought
  • managing pastures, weeds and pests
  • livestock health and welfare
  • identifying the legal requirements of land management
  • protecting endangered species and areas of cultural significance
  • developing risk management strategies
  • managing climate and direction for the business
  • SWOT analysis
  • selecting an enterprise
  • land mapping using a GPS Electronic mapping and computer applications, e.g. Tumaus
  • developing an action calendar of operations
  • implementation of your whole farm plan
  • funding opportunities for revegetation and land care works
  • establishing budgets for planned projects
  • monitor and review your plan

Total hours: 28
Sessions: 4 x 7 hours

This course consists of the following unit of competency:
AHCAGB505A Develop a Whole Farm Plan.

On completion of the unit of competency you will earn credit towards attaining a Nationally Recognised qualification in either the Certificate IV or Diploma in Agriculture.

Classes are held at Melbourne Polytechnic’s training farm, 2005 Plenty Road, Yan Yean.

For furtherl information, please contact Short courses on (03) 9269 8615, or email.

Students may be eligible for Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding.

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Courses with low enrolments may be cancelled or delayed. You will be notified of this 48 hours prior to course commencement.

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