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Road Management Act

The Road Management Act 2004 (and its associated regulations) is a primary instrument used by state and local government agencies in the management and administration of public roads.

Course Code: SBE258

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Melbourne Polytechnic’s Road Management Act one day workshop has a range of topics, including:

  • an overview of the Road Management Act 2004, regulations and related legislation
  • valuable information for local and state government employees administering the Act
  • guidance for contractors working on or near roadways as to who should be consulted for permits
  • relationships between federal, state and local government legislation
  • where do the Road Management Act 2004, Road Management Safety Act 1986 and Telecommunications Act 2007 intersect?
  • how do LGA employees recognise and walk the line between the acts?
  • what responsibilities do Authorised Office have under the Acts and associated regulations, approvals and completion requirements?

This course highlights the overlaps in federal and state legislation related to the roll out of major projects including the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Presented by industry experts, this course is for Local Government Authority (LGA) employees and contractors who need a clear understanding of the Acts, Regulations, related legislation and how they interact and are enforced.

Lunch provided for Day workshops.

Note: the Road Management Act 2004 short course, is also offered as a consultancy.

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