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Farm Chemical Users Course

Have you ever needed to understand farm chemicals? Melbourne Polytechnic is offering the Farm Chemical Users Course’s that will assist you meet the essential requirements to acquire an Agricultural Chemical User’s Permit (ACUP).

Course Code: SOH027

Our course has been designed for farm owners or fam labourers that are needing to understand farm chemicals, this course offers core units which are an essential requirement to acquire an Agriculture Chemical Users Permit (ACUP) in the primary industries. Users of agricultural chemicals are required to hold an ACUP permit for application of: schedule 7 agricultural chemicals; certain ester herbicide formulations; atrazine soil residual herbicide. Further, it is most advisable that agricultural chemical users are familiar with legislation relating to off-label use, pesticide drift, record keeping and Chemical Control Areas. Calibration of spray equipment is an essential facet of the course.


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Horticulture and Landscaping
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2 days
Total Hours: 14

Course Outline

  • Chemical standards and regulations
  • Chemical selection, application and storage
  • Chemical chemistry, mixing ratios and requirements
  • Chemical selection
  • Calibration of application equipment
  • Testing and validation of results
  • Completion of forms and requests to process each licence.
  • Assessment

Course Outcomes

  • Participants will gain skills and knowledge to understand the rules regarding the selection of chemicals, appropriate storage and handling of the chemicals, mixing and calibration of the chemicals and the effective application of such.
  • Units of competencies:
  • AHCCHM307 Prepare and apply chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseases
  • AHCCHM304 Transport and store chemicals

Recognising Organisations


Suitable For

  • Farm Owners
  • Farm Labourers
  • Participants wanting Chemical knowledge



No concession or government funding applies

Payment Options:

  • Cash - paid in person at any campus or a Skills and Jobs Centre
  • Credit Card
  • Invoice - paid by the company or job agencies

Assessment Methods

A formal assessment


Wear appropriate clothing and footwear


No prior knowledge or experience required.

Workplace Training

Consultancy - Training can be offered on-site or off-site

Course Cancellation or Postponement

Courses with low enrolments may be cancelled or delayed. You will be notified of this 48 hours prior to course commencement.
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