Short Courses

Dance and Movement

In this Melbourne Polytechnic training program, students with disabilities and/or learning difficulties will have an opportunity for students to work together in a project based setting to enhance skills dance and movement, production and performing arts industry.

Course Code: SWE015

The program meets the needs of student with learning needs and disabilities by expanding their experiences through hands on and project based learning.






Work Education
03 9269 8615


7 days
Total Hours: 21

Course Outline

  • Identifying different types of appropriate workplace communication
  • Participate in group discussions and activities
  • Learning to work in a team
  • Rights and responsibilities of employees and employers
  • Learning the difference between positive and negative criticism
  • Develop skills in this industry
  • Problem solving
  • WH&S
  • Work Skills

Course Outcomes

  • Dance and Movement will give students a 'taster' and insight into the arts industry and work opportunities.

Suitable For

  • People with learning needs



No government funding or concession applies.

Payment Options:

  • Cash - paid in person at any campus or a Skills and Jobs Centre
  • Credit Card
  • Invoice - paid by the company or job agencies

Assessment Methods

No formal assessment


Pen and Paper


No prior knowledge or experience required.

Course Cancellation or Postponement

Courses with low enrolments may be cancelled or delayed. You will be notified of this 48 hours prior to course commencement.
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