Short Courses

Cafe Culture

In this Melbourne Polytechnic program, students with disabilities and/or learning difficulties will explore the industry via visits to coffee shops.

Course Code: SWE005

Fees: $495.00

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Students will practise making coffee, tea and other beverages.

Topics covered include:

  • what is cafe culture?
  • exploring coffee shops
  • what are the ingredients of a successful cafe?
  • hands on experience making tea, coffee and other drinks

There are no prerequisites for this program.

Total hours: 21
Sessions: 7 x 3 hours

For further information, please contact Short Courses on (03) 9269 8615 or email.

Course Cancellation or Postponement

Courses with low enrolments may be cancelled or delayed. You will be notified of this 48 hours prior to course commencement.

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