Short Courses


Reviewing and honing your skills prior to attempting your Plumbing registration examination is a great idea.

For those in the plumbing industry that are seeking VBA recognition are advised to engage with pre exam training that focusses on fine tuning your capabilities, with a view to giving you a sense of achieving “the positive edge” to carry you through the rigors of practical externally set examinations.

Also for Plumbers with a view to broaden and or gain new contemporary skills in the popular areas such as Converting `A’ Type Gas Appliances and gas refresher courses are available at our Plumbing facility at Heidelberg campus.

Short Courses
Gas Refresher Course
The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) – Plumbing requires all plumbers and gasfitters to undergo a skill assessment in gas fitting. Fortunately, Melbourne Polytechnic has designed this perfect Gas Refresher short course to cover off the basic skills a plumber and gasfitter needs.

Plumbing Practice
Melbourne Polytechnic's Plumbing Practice short course is a tutorial to assist participants in preparing for the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) - Plumbing Registration Exam. Participants will improve their hand skills to exam standard, and revise and become familiar with the registration exam processes.

Converting A Type Gas Appliances
Melbourne Polytechnic's short course in Converting A Type Gas Appliances, provides knowledge for plumbers wanting to convert ‘A’ type appliances from one gas type to another using the correct components and installation procedures for these appliances.

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