Short Courses


Do you have a sparkling desire to reach your potential? Our courses are taught by industry-experienced teachers in our fully equipped workshop.

From absolute beginners, who have always wanted to make their own handcrafted jewellery, through to hobbyists and professionals who are looking to upskill – we have courses to suit your skill level.

You will be expertly guided through a series of techniques and projects to produce your own pieces of jewellery that can be worn and admired. You will gain new skills in specialist techniques, confidence with tools and materials and meet a network of fellow makers. You'll also forge connections with professional jewellery teachers who can assist you in your jewellery making career.

The classes are held in the Melbourne Polytechnic Jewellery Centre with access to full workshop facilities with all necessary tools and materials provided for the majority of the courses.

Short Courses
Melbourne Polytechnic's Silversmithing short course has been designed for participants to develop general silversmithing skills. At the end of the course, students will have raised a bowl and forged a spoon in copper, enabling the student to go on to design and make vessels and smaller pieces in precious and base metals.

CAD for Jewellery
Melbourne Polytechnic's computer aided design (CAD) for Jewellery short course enables participants to develop skills relating to a range of jewellery CAD processes. The projects can be worked through by each student at their own pace and each project is designed to be completed in order from introductory to more advanced standards.

Intermediate Jewellery
Melbourne Polytechnic's Intermediate Jewellery course has been designed as a progressive step for students who have completed the introductory jewellery course.

Jewellery Enamelling
Melbourne Polytechnic's Jewellery Enamelling short course will enable participants to develop skills relating to a range of jewellery enamelling techniques.

Gem Setting
This Melbourne Polytechnic short course is designed especially for professional jewellers and jewellery students who have existing fabrication skills and wish to enhance their skills in setting gemstones.

Introductory Jewellery
Introductory Jewellery is a Melbourne Polytechnic beginner's short course, structured to introduce participants to the techniques of making simple jewellery. Filing, fabrication and soldering skills are included.

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