Short Courses


Short Courses
Chainsaw Operation and Safety
Melbourne Polytechnic's short course in Chainsaw Operation and Safety is designed for people working in the basic operation of chainsaws. This one-day course is designed to provide skills in the operation of chainsaws and the promotion of safe working practices.

Plant Tissue Culture
Study plant tissue culture to enhance your current knowledge on plant formation, assist in the continued existence of vital species of plant life and increase your understanding of the structure of plants for personal or career enhancement. Melbourne Polytechnic's Plant Tissue Culture training program will add extra green to your thumb.

Timber Pest Control
Melbourne Polytechnic is offering you a short course in work with termites and other timber pests and to provide the skills to identify, install and maintain a variety of termite management systems.

Farm Chemical Users Course
Have you ever needed to understand farm chemicals? Melbourne Polytechnic is offering the Farm Chemical Users Course’s that will assist you meet the essential requirements to acquire an Agricultural Chemical User’s Permit (ACUP).

Introduction to Beekeeping
This practical course will show you the important steps you need to know about making sure that your bees and beehive is happy and healthy.

Backyard Beekeeping
Are you keeping bees on your property? Join our unique Backyard Beekeeping short course to ensure you are getting the best from your bees whilst keeping your neighbours safe.

Melbourne Polytechnic is offering a fumigation course for students wishing to pursue fumigation and require licensing from the Department of Health or Agriculture Victoria.

Pest Management Technician
Have you ever wanted to get your Pest Management – Technician license?

Farm Chemical Users Refresher Course
Have you completed the full Farm Chemical User's Course and are requiring to renew your certification?

Commercial Hydroponic Crop Production
Become a part of this ever–growing industry responsible for the supply of most of the world’s food needs. Get an insight into this expanding industry and see how many developments that have and are being made.

Landscape Design
Our Melbourne Polytechnic provides great foundations to assist in updating your home garden or to prepare a landscape design to enhance your career, by learning professional design methods.

Composting and Managing Your Soil
Bring your garden to life by learning the latest methods of composting.

Construction of Dry Stone Walls
Learn the ancient art of dry stone wall construction.

CAD Landscape Design
Learn all the key elements of drafting specific and accurate drawings using current computer technology to design a practical outdoor space.

General Propagation - Grafting
Bring your garden to life by learning how to graft.

Garden History - Tours
Connect with the history of our beautiful city’s gardens.

Propagation - Seed Raising
Are your seedlings dying off before they get a chance to bloom?

Garden and Lawn Weeds
Do you want a lusher lawn?

Install Garden Irrigation Systems
Quench your garden’s thirst!

Laying Turf
Add some greenery to your garden.

Specialist Pruning - Bonsai, Fruit Trees, Roses and Vining
Get the best out of your precious plants and learn how to prune. Our horticulture experts will guide you in the art of pruning specialist plants including bonsai, fruit trees, roses and vines.

Introduction to Pest And Diseases
Let your garden flourish. Learn to identify and control common garden pests and diseases

Bring your entertainment area to life with some fresh new paving.

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