Short Courses


Our electrical short courses are the ideal way to improve your electrical knowledge.

You can gain additional skills and knowledge from our range of Electrical short courses and charge your career.

Study topics include:

  • Disconnect/reconnect registration
  • Testing and Tagging equipment
  • Open Cabling Registration (ACMA Cabling)
  • Optical fibre cabling
  • Coaxial and Structure Fibre Endorsement
Short Courses
Open Cabling Registration (ACMA Cabling)
Melbourne Polytechnic's Open Cabling Registration (ACMA Cabling) short course permits all types of telecommunications cabling to be legally installed on the customer’s side of the network boundary in domestic, commercial and industrial premises, including multi-building campus environments.

Optical Fibre Endorsement
This Melbourne Polytechnic short course will provide a registered cabler with the Optical Fibre endorsement on their Open Cabling Registration. It is a mandated course for cablers who are required to install and terminate Optical Fibre cables in any type of building, for computer, data or telecommunications networks use. It is also suitable for security technicians who install optical fibre cables as part of a network for IP CCTV.

Testing and Tagging of Portable Electrical Appliances
Are your portable electrical appliances and extension leads safe? If you need to be able to correctly test and tag portable electrical equipment, Melbourne Polytechnic’s Testing and Tagging course covers the principle requirements specified in Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2010 and AS/NZS 3012.

Disconnect-Reconnect Restricted Electrical Workers Licence Class 2
Melbourne Polytechnic's Restricted Electrical Worker's Licence entitles you to carry out low voltage electrical installation work relating to equipment that is connected to a fixed electrical installation, associated with your primary trade, vocation or calling (occupation) and would otherwise require the services of a registered electrical contractor or a licensed electrician.

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