Our Students

Victor Budilo

Victor Budilo hails from Russia Moscow, and although he is passionate about his hometown and country, he felt that the education opportunities there were not adequate to fulfill his career dreams.

Victor holds degrees in Computer Programming and Economy and has special interest certifications in paragliding and scuba diving. With a childhood dream to visit Australia, Victor chose Melbourne to polish his English speaking and writing skills which will enhance his career options and opportunities in the future.

Victor started his ELICOS Course in October 2013 to “communicate in English well”. He was very impressed with the quality of teaching, particularly given the challenge of teaching students with English as a second language, saying “very friendly, always trying to help if I don’t understand something” We have lots of activities and interesting excursions within our class. I hope that we stay friends after that when my course is over and keep in touch”.

Excited to learn in a welcoming environment, Victor feels he has made some lifelong friends from his time at Melbourne Polytechnic and felt his time at the institute was well organised and productive.