Our Students

Shigeko Miya

Hi, my name is Shigeko Miya. I’m from Tokyo, Japan. At the moment I am studying English as a second language in the ELICOS program at Melbourne Polytechnic. I am going to study ELICOS for 20 weeks and then I will start my Childcare course at Melbourne Polytechnic next year.

I decided to study at Melbourne Polytechnic because my agent in Japan recommended the ELICOS program. I found that the teachers were very good and that the class sizes were small and the atmosphere was warm and friendly.

I am very happy that I chose to study here. I have lots of opportunities to improve my English skills. I can practice talking with my teachers and classmates. I have made lots of new friends here.

The teachers are kind and their lessons are interesting and fun. They use a lot of different methods and activities in the classroom, such as role plays, pair work and group work to improve our communication skills. I was impressed by the use of technology in the classroom. Our teachers use ipads and audio visual technology to assist in our language learning.

Studying English with local teachers is much better than studying in our home country because we are able to learn and practice useful vocabulary and phrases that native speakers normally use. We spend time in class learning and practicing pronunciation and connected speech. This has really helped my speaking and listening skills. The classes are much more practical than the classes in Japan. We also go on excursions to help us practice our English and learn about Australian life and culture. The teachers spend time helping students after class both with English and with other problems they might have living in a different country.

If other students choose to study at Melbourne Polytechnic I think they will have made a good choice. The people in Melbourne are friendly and helpful. I have improved my speaking and listening a lot since I started my course, and I have picked up a lot of new vocabulary and everyday English expressions.