Our Students

Katya Sematoeva

Traveling to a different country to study language is not a new experience for Katya Sematoeva – the native Russian has spent time in China and Spain learning those languages, so it seemed a natural progression to study English and what better place to learn than Australia and Melbourne Polytechnic.

Katya started her ELICOS course in March 2014 at Melbourne Polytechnic’s Collingwood campus; she believes that if you immerse yourself in a country’s culture it makes the learning experience much easier. Of her Teachers, Katya says “they are all very friendly and always tell us many useful things. The teachers also provided us with very interesting activities to help us learn English”.

One of the key factors that helped Katya and all her other classmates is that they are all in the same position and can help each other with their studies, she says “I enjoyed the cognitive excursions that we went on and it greatly helped me to improve my English.  Now I am not afraid to speak English, we all helped each other”.

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