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The Year Snaps Shut for NMIT’s Record Label

16 Dec 2013

Shuttersnap Records is celebrating its first year of operation.

Set up by NMIT’s (Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE) Bachelor of Music Industry program, Shuttersnap Records runs as a working record label. Students pitch acts to the board and are given roles in day to day operations through two of their third year subjects.

Whilst Shuttersnap is part of the student’s education, it operates as a professional record label and not a classroom. It brings the course’s vocational education into practice and represents the culmination of three years of education.

The band which holds the honour of being Shuttersnap’s first act is called “Sweets”  (Sweets Facebook Page). Pitched to Shuttersnap’s board by students early this year, the band is a pop trio with a unique and upbeat sound. Their first single, “Swagger”, was released on October 27 along with a video clip  by documentary film maker Rohan Spong. (See Shuttersnap Videos or watch on Youtube)

The song was workshopped as part of the Bachelor of Music’s song writing stream. Production of was handled by Nick Huggins along with Head of Program Greg Arnold and senior lecturer Mark Lang. The song was then sent to Nashville to be mixed and mastered by Brad Jones (Missy Higgins, Josh Rouse) and Jim DeMain (Andrew Bird, Frank Black, Tim Finn).

“It’s really great to see students succeed in this context and liaise with these professionals,” said David Haberfeld, Senior Lecturer. “When you see students coming at a project so professionally and achieving these high quality results, you really get a feel for how much they love the work. It’s been an amazing start to the label and gives us the ability to keep on going further and further with it.”

The 2014 cohort of third year students will have their own chance to sign a band and release music. Along with further releases by Sweets, the future is exciting for Shuttersnap Records.

To find out more about NMIT’s Bachelor of Music Industry, please visit:

You can see what Shuttersnap Records are up to here:  

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