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The Spark of Creativity

26 Mar 2013

As a primary school student, Vincent Agostino wanted to be an illustrator.

But after a study venture in graphic design when he completed his secondary schooling, Vincent, 38, of Northcote dropped out because it wasn't what he thought it would be.

Now as a second year student in the Diploma of Visual Arts (Illustration) at NMIT (Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE), Vincent's childhood dream is finally being realised.

Eight of his latest creative illustrations for NMIT will be on display at a joint NMIT-Chisholm Institute of TAFE graduate exhibition Illustre opening at the Chapel Off Chapel gallery in Prahran on 28 August.

Up to 250 artworks will be showcased at the annual exhibition which is now in its sixth year.

'I entered an art competition run by The Age when I was 14 with a painting of singer Deborah Harry (Blondie) but that was really the last illustrative work I did until I came to NMIT,' Vincent said.

'I got scared I couldn't go any further and the whole thing became a bit daunting and I got a bit lost.

'Now I feel I've come full circle and at NMIT, I've rediscovered that inner spark that's always been inside me but is now coming out.'

Vincent completed a Diploma in Media Studies and worked as an actor in fringe theatre for eight years before embarking on study at NMIT and the career he always wanted.

'I have a lot of life experience I can bring to my work and can express myself on the illustrated page instead of on the stage,' he said.' While acting can be about character development and mood so too is illustrating.

'I find the industry more interesting and with far more opportunities than when I studied graphic design. I thought I might have forgotten how to draw and it was a bit scary returning to study but everything came back to me and it's been exciting.'

Vincent said while he now uses the computer and modern technology in his art works, he still draws by hand in the old-fashioned way.

'I like to play with what I design and it's the difference between a hand-written letter and one that is typed on a computer. On the computer, you can keep fixing it up without having to completely rewrite it.'

The Illustre exhibition runs until 9 September at Chapel Off Chapel.


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